Sunday, September 12, 2010

Graphic 45 Vintage ladies

I loved the ladies on these two images and decided to keep the embellishment simple so it didn't distract from them too much. I used a Martha Stewart photo corner punch to help frame them. And I did on yesterday's cards also...I just forgot to tell you! *okie thinks her friend Helen, aka DCDoll is totally correct in saying that okie suffers from CRS*

The scrip paper is K & Company and is the same I used on the Ribbon Flower card earlier in the week. I inked the edges, then crumpled the paper up and smoothed it out a bit before sewing it onto the card matte. I think the lighter color did make the image pop a little bit better.

The flowers are Prima's and the centers are actually buttons. They were post buttons and I used pliers to remove the post on the back. I think they worked really well to keep the vintage look. I had gotten the buttons at the little sewing store here in town before it shut down. Man I sure miss that place! I use to go in and sit on the floor going through the boxes of buttons! What? What do you mean you never sit in the floor and shop?! I do it all the time! My friend Linda, aka LGuild, laughs at me but she sure makes me dig to let her see! Even my friend Helen, aka DCDoll, has seen me do this when she and I went to a Big Lots in Phoenix a few years ago.

I am not out of these images yet so yep, tomorrow's post will be more Graphic45 cards!!


  1. Beautiful! I've never gotten in the floor to shop. I'd never get back up!! But hey, if it works for you, there's not a thing wrong with it!! :)

  2. Really nice cards. I need to try some sewing on mine. I, too, have spent my fair share of time floor shopping:)

  3. As usual great job love them


  4. OMGOSH! This is prettier than the other ones.... NAHHHH They are ALL PRETTY! :o) Love it! :o)

  5. These are the best of the bunch so far!

    You do not want to take Okie to a Big Lots if (1) you're in a hurry or (2) you're starving or (3) you really need to go to the bathroom! LOL!

    She always plops down on the tile floor to sift through the jumbled up mess of stuff they have. But, she does uncover some good deals that way. I'm too impatient to do it!

  6. Love these cards; the corners just make the cards POP! Oh! I did a Cricut Survey and two questions asked who are your 3 favorite blogs and what 3 blogs do you visit the most and I put Okieladybug's Scrap N' More for both questions!
    Thanks again for your time!
    mhalford6 @ aol. com

  7. Ok, I love these too! Awesomeness!

  8. Oh I love these ... how fun to have lived in that era and worn those clothes ... what do you think Shirley? I would have made a great "flapper", don't you think?



  9. Carol I already have built in flappers, believe me, it is not an attractive site! LOL