Saturday, September 11, 2010

Graphic 45 cards using Doilies

I am pleased with how the Graphic45 cards for today turned out. I just think the little doily made the card look even more vintage looking.

I got the doilies years ago at a bargain store. They were marked 10 cents a piece but they were on sale for like 90% off because the store was moving, so I got them for a steal! When I was thinking about how to embellish these cards I thought "OMG! THE LITTLE DOILIES" and I ran off to the guest room to get them out of the drawer they were in. I only used one and cut it in half to use on the two cards.

I think I do like being able to use the same papers on the cards so far and giving them a different look by how the green strip is on there and with the different embellishments.

Here you can see a close up of the doily. I used my ATG tape to run across where I cut it in half to keep it from fraying and then just attached it to the back of the image. I also added a few spots of ATG tape to keep it held down on the card and then used powder to get rid of the sticky where it was showing through the doily. I did this to keep any dirt or stray crap *okie thinks she should probably find a different word than crap to use....but decides not to get out the thesauruses and look and sticks with crap* from sticking to the card.

Aw yes, and you can see the stitching. I received a few messages on here and on facebook from people telling me thank you for letting them know about the Janome Sew-Mini being on sale....well it was my pleasure! *okie knows that everyone knows how much she loves hers* And those of you that missed out and are wanting one, well never fear, it does seem to go on sale ever so often and as soon as I know about it again I will post to let you know!

As most of you know I am in love with brads, Brad Pitt comes to mind, but in this case I am talking about those every so versatile little metal prong type brads! It always amazes me how just a few of these little metal delights can really make something look so much better! Sometimes it's just the tiniest details in things that make you go "OH!! THAT IS NICE!" *okie thinks she would say that for realz if Brad Pitt was giving her a massage*

Well that is all for today! Come back tomorrow for another set of Graphic45 cards!


  1. I love all of your Graphic 45 cards, but have to share with you how my body shivered at the thought of cutting the doily... since I was 6 my Mom made us learn how to crochet (I now appreciate that!), so I know how labor intense it is... and for you to cut them!!!!? and 10cents? sorry, I had to share, I know, they are now probably machine made... blah blah blah
    By the way, crap sound good to me!

  2. Thanks Kristin!

    Gaby I have crocheted many a doily in my day and still love crocheted doilies. But since these were cheap I figured I could cut it in half and get two uses instead of one out of it! LOL

  3. LOL!! As always, love your humorous posts, as well as these awesome vintage-y cards! TFS.

  4. Love the doily look I crochet too and know it is time consuming.But I have a thought there is always old clothes etc. with lace it could be cut off. If not white enough died with tea, coffee or tattered glimmer put on.Glimmer sounds easier.Inked with tea dye?
    Love these vintage cards Okie you are the best.

  5. I love the crap out of these cards, you are so creative! Thank you so very much for all the time you put into your blog, you're the best!!! Talking about crap, craps is my favorite game to play here in Las Vegas, but crap, I would love the massage by Brad Pitt too!
    Well crap I'm out of work can't join Cricut Circle, but would use you for the referral. Hope you have a crapping good day!
    mhalford @aol. com

  6. Okie, thanks so much for always describing your embellishments - those wonderful "little" touches that really make you think WOW when youo see them on a card. I can follow directions and make things but I am hopeless when it comes to thinking up creative things! I can look at a pile of "stuff" forever and not really put it together well. I'm wayyyyy more linier (don't know if that word is spelled right but it is the opposite of creative LOL) than creative so you really really help me. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity. Love Love Love your sense of humor too :-)

  7. Thank you Amy!

    Helen that is a wonderful idea!

    Mary you are too crappin funny! LOL

    Connie I find it interesting how people's minds work so differently! And I bet you are a lot more creative than you think!

  8. Love the card, dollies, you and Brad Pitt. TFS

    Donna C.

  9. Amazing cards.... i love them all.. keep on giving us inspiration....

  10. I just cant get over how creative everyone is. These card are just so different and the colors are always so perfect. I have a lot to learn from you guys. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  11. The fact that you bought them "years ago" and knew exactly where they were AMAZES me!! I wouldn't have a clue!!! Your cards are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  12. How much is a Janome sewing machine when it's on sale? I'd like one, but don't know when I could buy one either. So please do let me know when it goes on sale. Thanks Okie, for that vivid image of you and Tom Cruize!

  13. These are beautiful! Love them!!! :)

  14. Yowsa! Love the doily idea! You are the bees knees!

  15. You just keep cracking me up laughing and your post yesterday about nobody left a comment because they couldn't, lol. I love this Graphic 45 paper, it's great.

  16. Okay, lovin the heck out of the added doily touch! Brilliant!

  17. WOW ... I love the lacy bit on these cards ... what a lovely look that is.


  18. Oh my goodness! What a steal on your dollies...they're actually tatted and crocheted doilles! Lovely! Your cards are lovely as well and I've enjoyed looking at all your Graphic 45 cards!