Monday, September 6, 2010

Janome Sew-Mini on sale now!!

Hancocks Fabrics has the Janome Sew-Mini on sale right now for $39.99! That is $20 off the regular price! The sale ends today, it is part of a two day Labor Day sale. I just found out about the sale this evening on the Cricut Circle message board.

This is the little sewing machine I used in a video not long ago. I absolutely love mine!

They are having free shipping on orders over $60. But if you are a first time customer you can receive free shipping by using this code: HKFEMAILSIGNUP.

Mine has definitely been worth the price. It comes with a plastic bobbin but I have been able to use my regular bobbins in it just fine. It is so simple to use. Just make sure you pay attention to how the bobbin goes in and how it is threaded.


  1. Thank you Okie. I just ordered mine!

  2. Oh Okie, I'm so glad you posted this! I ran right off to order it, and used the free ship code!!! I'm so excited, I've been wanting one for a while now, and this was the kind of deal I was hoping for! I hope I can learn how to use it, and will go back and watch your video in the mean time! Thanks so much again!

  3. Thanks for the ad's Okie.I love my mini Janome also.A year ago I got it on sale drove 60 miles to get it worth it.
    I think it is nice for light weight repairs easier than getting the heavy portable out.

  4. Oh man! I should have checked your website yesterday! I missed the sale! Wah! lol