Sunday, September 19, 2010

PPsstt.......wanna share a giveway with you....

Ya'll don't tell anyone but I found a really great giveaway on the Cricut MB tonight! You guys know how I love my ATG gun and how I rave about it all the time and how much money it saves me, right? Well guess what! *okie cups hand behind her ear to hear what people are guessing* Okay did everyone get their guess in?

Well no...I am not giving way my ATG *okie thinks sometimes her readers are totally nuts for what they think*! I mean that would just be silly of me! BUT...Tracy at JEDISCRAPBOOKING is giving away a brand new Pink ATG gun with two rolls of tape! But if you want to win you better hurry because the giveaway closes tomorrow! Or that might be today depending on your time zone. Just scroll down past the disgusting wonderful fall layout *okie so hates talented people* and cute card Tracy made for her mom and you will find the giveaway post.



  1. thanks for the news!! i really need an atg...i think i might could have already bought three or more with what i pay for the little runner thingies!!!

  2. thanks for sharing such talented friends :) I love to see all the beautiful projects!!! LisaMH

  3. Thank you okie! You have awesome followers! I had so much fun doing this giveaway! I'm already thinking about my next... :) U ROCK!