Sunday, October 5, 2008

Organization is becoming my middle name

I went to the stamp sale. I only bought one stamp. But I stocked up on cardstock for card making. I bought like 300 sheets of 8.5x11 card stock and I think like 300 A2 card bases. And some other odd sizes too. I got some Mica card stock.....OMG it is BEE U TEE FULL!! It is kinda like the Bazzill bling but without the texture and is blinged on both sides, and very thick. It works great in the Cuttlebug too! I also bought 300 A2 size envies.

The prices were CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!! The 300 sheets of card stock cost me 12 bucks! WOW WOW WOW! Packs of envies were $1 for 25...and they are quality and colored.

Well with the help of Scrappinbee I got my goodies all organized! THANK YOU SCRAPPINBEE!! This is the paper shelf with the card making stuff in it. I previously used this shelf for my 12x12 but my paper out grew it. Now I am glad I still have it because I can keep card stuff separate from my scrappin stuff!One side has the 8.5x11 card stock and the other side has the pre-cut sizes.

I then needed to organize my envies. I had some odd sizes already because I buy packages of invitations and note cards when they are on clearance just so I can have the envies. Scrappinbee helped me figure out what size cards I need to make to fit in those envies. This is the container that probably has about close to 1,000 envies in it...SERIOUSLY! I made labels so I can know what size card to make for the envie. I didn't bother with 1/8" measurements for trying to cut cards. I rounded them down to the closest 1/4" inch measurement of needed, but some are only 1/8" smaller than the envie.

Here is a picture of the the labels with the card sizes on them that separate the envies.
The envies are cram packed in there but at least I was able to get them in one container. If I had one more envie I would be in trouble.

I keep tellin ya'll I organize more than I scrap!! ROTFLMAO


  1. Wow Okie, I think I need to ship you to Australia so you can get me organised over here!! I reallllllllly need some organisation in my scraproom...LOL.

    Seriously, I love your blog. Keep on blogging!


  2. OKIE OKIE I am doing the same thing..:O)
    I got a mess..:O)

  3. Love that you are getting your groove on! I'm a nut for keeping things organized. Isn't it great?!

  4. You are so organized. Maybe I would get something done if I organized and could find half of what I have!