Thursday, October 9, 2008


I liked heat embossing before but I was such a messy embosser! I would have little splatters of powder on stuff I was trying to emboss and it just looked like.......well to be perfectly honest it would look like CRAP! *okie makes a very sad face*. People on the Cricut message board would talk about an embossing buddy and how wonderful it was. I got to make my first ever Stampin Up order and one of the things I ordered was an embossing buddy.....MAN OH MAN I AM IN LUV!!!

Tonight was the first night I have gotten to try the embossing buddy. I decided to play around with the stamp set I got and try some embossing. Let me tell you that little pillow of white dust stuff sure made a HUGE HUGE difference! For the first time ever I got a clean crisp embossed image! You can click on the picture for a close up shot and see for yourself.

So the embossing buddy is my tool of the month recommendation!!

I didn't do any embossing on the envies but I did use one of the stamps that came with the set to jazz the envies up a bit. I think the leaves gave the envies just the little bit of extra to tie them to the cards.

I do have to say I am really liking the Stampin Up stamps. They stamp wonderfully!! *okie sighs deeply as she realizes her first order will not be her last*


  1. I was Looking at that Thing wondering what In the world so O well It goes on my I got to have list.. Thank U Okie I love to emboss too. Yours are BEAUTIFUL!!! BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. Beautiful card Okie!!! I always use my embossing buddy, it is the only thing that gives you a clean sharp image. Way to go girl. TFS


  3. The cards are awesome! I think I need to look into this buddy because I am the same way when I try to emboss and I love it to!

  4. Beautiful Cards. I am thinking of getting my heat gun & embossing powders today. Wish me Luck.

  5. Lovely cards. I love heat embossing too, it's like magic and never ceases to amaze me. Guess I need a Buddy to keep me company as I craft!!! Preferably male - lol.

  6. Ms has the embossing tool half off this week. I was there today and while I wanted to get it, I resisted. Now I'm wondering why. Love your stuff, Okie. As gorgeous as you!!!!

  7. Gorgeous!!! I love to heat emboss, too! I'd love it more if it wasn't so messy!

  8. Okie these are awesome, i love the colors.

  9. Great cards. I just got my first "buddy" a few weeks ago and I totally agree with you about how wonderful it is. Now, I just have glitter on me, and not all over the card!

    That is a neat idea to stamp on the back of the envelope. I will have to use your idea with my Christmas cards.

  10. Hi Okie,
    Great card! I love the stamp. I have been thinking about ording this stamp.