Tuesday, October 14, 2008

OOPPSS!! Scallop circle problem.

It was pointed out to me that the circle wasn't cutting right. I forgot to delete a big circle I had put in the middle when I was doing the screenshot. So you will need to go in and delete that on the mat and then save the file.

Click a small circle until your editing handles appear.
Slide the scallop shape over.
Delete the plain circle
Save your file.

And that should fix it.

I have changed the file in the original post if you just want to download it again.


  1. Thanks for pointing out the problem to me! LOL Like I said in the email, that is what I get for not cutting before posting the file LOL

  2. thanks for your scallops...but you can keep the seafood kind. :D

  3. You rock, Okie! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us! I can't wait to make lots of cards!

  4. My Poor Little OKIE<<< LOLOLOL U work so hard!!
    I LOVE it Thank U!!

  5. thank you for sharing your talent again!! I so appreciate that you do most of your work in george. I don't own many carts yet and that is one I own besides I only have trial version of ds. I downloaded the scallop "family". Thanks again for sharing!!

  6. These are fantastic! The whole SU copies...and more. Thanks for all you do.