Saturday, October 4, 2008

Halloween cards....again....

I said I was done making Halloween cards. But evidently I lied! HA! My LSS owner asked if I would make some to display for her store, so I did.

A few of these I don't even like. I think they are hideous, but she liked them.....I am beginning to wonder about her taste! *okie cracks up laughing*. These are two that I think are AWFUL! The felt cut outs came in a pack. I like the felt cut outs, just not what I did with them. The ghost is hand cut. I ran some cardstock through my Xyron 250 and then put material over the sticky side and cut out the ghost. I added stickles. HE IS UGLY!

This one is okay I guess. The brads are some that I made by heating the brad, dipping in clear embossing powder and then dipping in the Martha Stewart glitter before the embossing powder dried. The felt shape came in the pack with the two previous cards felt shapes. The circle sentiment was a 12x12 sheet of circles with stuff on them, I think it is called Jenny Bolin or something like that.

These two are a little better in my book. The one with the skull and the word Spooky I do like for sure. The Skull and Spooky are rubons, they are Little Yellow Bicycle. The ghost one has a sticker that says "I'm Under Your Spell", the sticker was part of a sticker set.

I have to say these next two I do definitely like and are my favorites. I think I over embellished the others or something. I like the more simplistic look of these two.


  1. Okie, these are all just too cute!! You have been working on World Cardmaking Day, which is today btw, I love all your cards, they are so creative for Halloween.
    keep it up girl! TFS

  2. Those are great, girl! You are so darn creative! Love how you made the sparkly brads...I'll have to try that myself.

    Keep up the great work!

    Steph from Michigan,
    a HUGE Okie fan!

  3. Okie-All your cards are great! You seem so knowledgeable about the cricut design studio-may I ask you question? when you design an object, how do you copy the whole image into several on one page-or do you have to do each one individually? Thank You so much-

  4. Oh the ability to copy and paste a whole image.....every design studio users dream! Well if it is just a shape from a cart you can by clicking on the copy button and then clicking the paste button and sliding the top image over. But if it is something you have designed and have welded have to copy and paste each shape individually....FUN HUH! *okie rolling eyes and wondering why Provo won't give us this feature*

  5. Well, Okie, I think they are all cute and I love what you did with the brads and glitter! Marjorie Smith

  6. Oh,... Thank you for your answer!!(that is what I was afraid-but was hopefull I was wrong...) : )

  7. These are really cute!