Friday, October 17, 2008

The infamous moving card!!

So if you guys remember I had told my cousin I would make her moving cards for her, thinking she would want about 15-20. Well she said she needed 50! I was like WTF?? 50 SERIOUSLY?? But I'll show her. I only made 48! HA HA HA

This is one of the cards I made. I think they looked cuter on the mat when I was designing. BUT OH WELL!

For the inside I put "A house is built by human hands, A home is built by human hearts" and then put "announcing our move (then the address)" I printed that on the computer on the same cloud background paper that I used on the front of the card.

I did send her a picture and her husband said "we don't have a fireplace and that is too many windows....and the pine trees are too pointy". I told her "(cusswords) cards are going in the trash!" Of course her husband was only teasing with me. AT LEAST HE BETTER HAVE BEEN! When I told her I was only sending 48 she said "well I guess I don't have to send you one" and I kindly replied "I never want to see the $#*@ again!!" HA HA HA She said she loves the cards and can't wait to get them.


  1. Great job Okie! I can't imagine having to make 50 of one design!! Man I would have been bored at the first 3!! What a huge undertaking for you!! Now...can you make me 50?? LOL just kidding!

  2. I LOVE this card!
    And I know the feeling of never wanting to see a mass produced card again. :)

  3. I love this card! You do such great items. I'm always checking back to see whats new. TFS


  4. That's really cute, Okie! I hope your cousin shows here appreciation!

  5. Okie,
    I may need to make some of these! 48 would be plenty enough for me to send out!

  6. Great job on the cards for your cousin.

  7. Okie you are just too much!! I came in here to leave a comment about the awesome holly border (which is AWESOME!) and then found the perfect house card!! I need to make moving cards for a friend at work and there it is!! You truly do rock...and I too am a single mom of a 16 yo DD...we gotta stick together!
    Thanks so much for all you do and your generosity with your time and talent.
    Sue (NY)

  8. Cute....cute...cute.....I am sure she will be happy with the "48"....
    Great job....These are great...and you said they look better on the mat????? Wow....

  9. Is it all cut out on the cricut? Which carts did you use? I love it by the way so like the others, I hope your cousin does show some appreciation for you making all those cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The card is all cut with the cricut with the exception of the "lawn" I cut 3x5.5 strips and then did a wave cut with scissors for that part.

    I used My Community for the house and JOTS for the trees, the words are with Beyond Birthdays.