Thursday, September 1, 2016

My Cowboy - Altered Frame

I go through phases of doing different projects and a few years ago I was on a kick of altering frames and gave those out as prizes at one of my Christmas parties and I had planned on doing some for a craft fair that Linda and I did *okie remembers what a bomb that was* but I never finished any of them. The other day while perusing through my craft closet I came across two frames that had almost been completed and thought I should go ahead and finish them although I have no use for them.

When ya live in Oklahoma there is never a shortage of cowboys and I am sure that is why I went with the cowboy theme. I think the title came from Miss Kate's Cuttables and I have no idea where the rope, wagon wheel and hay bale came from, like I said this was a few years ago. 

One time when Linda and I were in Tuesday Morning they had a bunch of frames in the clearance and I snatched up quite a few, especially since they were only about 2 bucks a piece. This frame holds a 4x6 picture and think the others do as well but are different sizes. 

One of the things that always make things look so nice is that little extra step of embellishing. I sanded the paper, Coredinations to be exact, and did some inking on some of the pieces. The denim, bandana and burlap paper all came from Hobby Lobby's open stock of paper. You can't see them in this picture but in the first picture you can see some stars I added. They are hotfix stars so they will stay on there pretty good.

Now I just have to find a purpose for the two frames. I think my next ones are going to be a bit more generic so they can be more easily used. 


  1. Sweet. I just got a burlap bag that held coffee and this and one of your other projects is inspiring me how to use it.

  2. I try not to think about that craft show! lol! We worked so hard and spent so much time getting ready and it was a total bust. But it was a good distraction for me at the time! Haven't considered doing another one though.

  3. I love your layout and your detail is what makes it! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

  4. Yeah, craft shows around here don't go well either. They seem to in CA though. I love this frame and if it would have been a farmer themed one, I would have bought it from you and put my sweet departed husband in it. He loved to farm! Hugs, Brenda