Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Button Disney Princess Project - Belle

Carmen and I discussed how many princess we should do and which ones and the next one we agreed on was Belle from Beauty and the Beast *okie really wonders if she even needed to add the last part of that sentence*.

I was glad I had already learned the cuttin of the buttons trick when I got to Bell because dress was more two tone than what Aurora's was and I wanted the swag in the skirt to show up although I'm not sure it really does in this picture but it does in person. I didn't do the gloves on any of the princesses because I thought that might be over kill and it their hand would have gotten lost in the bulkiness of the buttons.  

I think you can see the two tone of the buttons a little better with Belle in the frame and maybe the lighting on this picture. 

When I sent the pieces to Carmen I didn't have the princesses attached to the background sheets because I thought it would be better if she would attach them after the she got the background paper in so the placement would be correct and I think she did a fantastic job!


  1. I love all the details on here. The gloves were perfect the way you did them. The background is subtle and the white frames are a beautiful compliment to the princesses. Still am so excited you guys took the time to do these for me. I love them and love my friends!

  2. These are really nice, I love your attention to detail! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Another beautiful princess done! I love all the button colors in her dress, you did such a fabulous job in getting all the details in there Shirley. These are going to be stunning hanging up. I hope you get Lori to take a picture of them hanging and share with us. Hugs, Brenda