Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spectrum Holographic - UMHB

My friend Carmen asked me to make some shirts for her, her husband and daughter for the parent's day at her daughters school, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. We found a design I could use for the shirts and thought the silver would look good on the purple. Actually it might have looked better with the yellow since the school colors are yellow and purple but I don't have any yellow HTV.

I am finding the Spectrum can be a little tricky to work with sometimes and some of the silver doesn't always make it on to the shirt but with it being spectrum and changing colors most of the time it isn't noticeable although I don't think it is something I would count on trying to use for selling purposes. 

I pointed out to Carmen where there were some blemishes but she said it wasn't that bad and they would only be wearing them once...or so we thought. When she first told me to make her husband one like the ones for her and her daughter I asked her "with the silver? really?" and she said "yeah, that way we all match". So when she told me why he didn't wear the shirt I had to crack up laughing! She told me "he went and changed and when he came out in the t-shirt Dani and I were like "uhhh..NOO!!". Just as I had suspected, the silver is a little too feminine for the purpose of adorning t-shirts for most men! But on the upside her daughter can use the shirt like a dress t-shirt that all the girls are wearing right now so it won't go to waste!


  1. I think they turned out nice, but looks hard to work with. I wonder if they make holographic in 651. that would make great 'decals' for car windows.

  2. Those are just awesome!!! Great job Okie!!!

  3. Poor Dad! The shirts look great, though. You are such a good friend.

  4. The shirts look great. Thanks for the info on the silver HTV. I have been looking at some online and was not sure how well it would work. Your post helps me know what to expect.