Friday, July 19, 2013

lil Ladybug Layout - File Available

I bet most of you don't know that I have an obsession about ladybugs but I am hear to tell you it is true! *okie hears the gasps of shock fill the room*. Yes, *okie hangs her head and nods slowly* I know, I know...we all have our obsessions and I have tried to keep this one hidden but I am now admitting it in public to all of you.

Now that I have confessed in public I want to share a layout I have designed with of all things...LADYBUGS!! *okie cracks up laughing thinking about people rolling their eyes thinking okie is crazy or just plain stupid*.

Cuts include:

Of course the other things are in the file as well if you want to use them, such as the rounded rectangle and use the other pieces as measurement.



  1. This is adorable...
    love the ladybugs..
    Laura D.

  2. Adorable.....thanks for sharing all your talent

  3. I lovr ladybirds too more than a little. Even got a tattoo on my leg of one! Is that obsessed. Nahh its normal isnt it! Love it, thanks for sharing.

  4. Such a cutie !!
    I would never have known you love lady bugs LOL
    But since I have followed (hang head here for not commenting often) you I know about them.
    Thank you for the files.

  5. Love the layout.

  6. You are too funny! I love reading the voices in you head! Cute layout and thank you for frequently including the svg files.

  7. So cute! Have been loving all your LO's. It is so kind of you to share them with us. Thank you!

  8. This is just too cute, Okie. Love the fonts you used. I've been loving your layouts and would love some of the files. BUT...I have not had luck being able to get them to Silhouette studio. I can download and they go to documents or downloads or save as but when I open those in Silhouette They don't show. I'll just keep enjoying your layouts and some day maybe I'll get it. lol

  9. This is so cute - I had no idea you liked ladybugs... thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  10. Hi, Ladybug is my favorite - I have three different ones, NOW I
    know how to use it !!!

    Thanks, Sharon

  11. I love this layout !! IT'S GREAT !!
    Anna N.