Saturday, July 6, 2013

Forever Family - Layout

This was the second layout I designed during my night of boredom and avoiding other things I could have been doing. My friend Carmen sent me some pictures of her most recent trip back home. I know she has a lot of Webster's Pages she needs to use up so I decided to so a design that would work well with that paper line.

The cuts for this layout include:
Half circle
Half Circle scallop

Download File -


  1. SandyR asked;
    Okie, this is beautiful. Is Websters a computer program that you are using to design these pages?

    1. Webster's was a reference to Webster's Pages, it's a line of papercrafting products. My friend Carmen and I ordered their box the last two years but skipped this year. The program I am using is Make The Cut. It will work with most cutting machine's but not the Cricut as ProvoCraft sued them and they had to remove the plugin from the program.

  2. I'm so loving this LO! I think I'll use it for my Father's Day pictures or even pictures from the family reunion that we had last weekend! I just need to find the right paper, tfs.

  3. This LO Is just beautiful!!! Thanks so much for sharing it.

    ♥ Jo's Scrap Shack ♥

  4. Love your LO, so nice you sharing
    this with us.

  5. OMG, I love this layout! I so wanted to get a Webster's box this year, but I missed it. Darn it all... Hugs

    1. Nellie I wasn't as impressed with the box this year so I passed. I still have a ton of stuff from the last two years to use up LOL.

  6. I love this layout and I think I will "borrow" your creativity for an album about my Mom. I have some wedding pictures (nothing fancy, small black and whites from that time period) of Mom and Dad and I think your design will work just perfect! I've been struggling with what to do and I think you have helped me out... thank you!

    I am confused about Make the Cut because I had that software but then the whole thing with Provo Craft. I thought at that time one could no longer use the software with the Cricut. Or perhaps you are using your new machine?

    Regardless, I LOVE your creativity and THANK YOU!

    1. Marilyn as long as you didn't update past 4.1.0 version of MTC then it should still work with your Cricut. One of the things a lot of people do is download a newer version, there is a video available somewhere, saving it to a new folder and then design and open images in the newer version and save it then open it back up in the older version so they can cut with their Cricut.

  7. I love this! Just wondering, what program did you use to design the layout and then capture the layout for posting on the blog? cjdempsey9 at msn dot com
    I would love to share some of my layout ideas in with an inexpensive program!