Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's Hard To Say Good-bye...

I know I said I had a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that I would post on Monday but have decided to do it today.  There were many guesses about what the announcement would be and I will answer some of these...

NO, I am not's not physically possible.
NO, I am not going to be a grandma...ya'll don't play like that!
NO, my daughter isn't getting least that I know of.
HELL NO, I'm not getting married...remember I am a hopeless romantic with a huge fear of commitment *okie thinks she is possibly one huge, walking, breathing oxymoron*.


I am not sure saying good-bye is ever easy. Well I take that back I can think of at least 5 instances it was really easy for me *okie rolls her eyes thinking about THOSE exes*, and when I say real easy I mean really, really, really easy! But when it's something you love it makes it much more difficult. Sometimes the good-byes come as a mutual need for termination, most times it is one sided. There are good-byes that are just temporary, then good-byes that are meant to be permanent. Certain times we are almost driven to say good-bye, as it is in this instance.

For a long time I have been a Cricut fan. I have defended them in many cases where others only had complaint. During those times I believed in the brand and felt they were trying to go into a good direction for their consumers while still building their brand. I have praised their products and used their products. I have also been honest with my feelings when I felt I didn't like something and let that be known as well. I was glad they won their lawsuit because I felt it was the right thing in the court system to happen. If they wanted to protect their products and have them used as they intended then I felt our justice system made the correct choice.

My Cricut brought me into a new world of my hobby of scrapbooking. It evolved me into a true PAPERCRAFTER. Paper went from a "oh that is nice" to "OMG! what can I make with that". It allowed me to meet some of my best friends I have in this later stage of my life and for that, I will ever be grateful. It lead me to have this website and end up having all of you wonderful people go from being able to get my cut files to reading the daily drivel of my life, the ups and downs I experience, the joys and pains. I have found that I am not alone in anything I experience. Many of you comment on much of my mindless drivel and that truly means so much to me.

I am going to be honest and say I have lost my faith in the Cricut brand. It started to wan when they didn't update Design Studio for over two months and there were a lot of new cartridges that couldn't be used, at least by me since I am DS dependent, for a period of time. Many asked for the update and of course the responses from ProvoCraft were noncommittal. We were being pushed by ProvoCraft people to use Cricut Craftroom, which I totally despise for various reasons. I even told one person "if I am going to have to learn a new software I want to learn one that works, isn't tied to the internet and isn't so damn glitchy". 

Now there have been several issues occur that have now made this happy Cricut user and promoter to lose faith and start looking for a new force in my papercrafting hobby...

1. Design Studio was not updated in a timely manner. 
It is not acceptable in my book to have to wait for two months for an update in the cartridge list and being told it wasn't a priority.

2. Cricut Craftroom being crammed down your throat 
(they actually own the files you make with CCR, read the small print). There are so many problems with this program that I just can't stand it. I know there are a lot of happy users out there and good for them. I am not one of them and therefore will not use the dang thing.

3. Mixed messages about selling a gypsy and linked carts 
(still no official word, just the standard they haven't determined if it is illegal or not). Being told "check the EULA" and then when people call being told "well it's not illegal we just prefer you don't do it". REALLY??

4. Targeting auctions on eBay. 
Some auctions of Gypsy machines and linked cartridges were allowed to sell while others were pulled. First time I listed mine it was pulled, however 3 others that didn't include the carts were allowed to finish the sale. I clearly wrote in my description how if it died and had to be reset all the cartridges would be lost. I listed my Hello Kitty cartridges on eBay and they were pulled. Once again other linked cartridges were allowed to sell just fine. I was even told that ProvoCraft "heard through the grapevine" about my auctions. I always thought it was stupid not to be able to sell something you owned. I know some folks thought I was against this but what I was against was people selling the SVG files of the Cricut cartridges, not against using them mind you, but selling - YES *okie has since changed her mind and will explain further down*. With the help of a friend I did finally get my Gypsy sold on eBay for a decent price. I had to list it where my name was not associated with the auction in any means.

5. People who have used the Cricut name in their websites/blogs for years now getting Cease and Desist letters. 
These people promote more than just Cricut but have still influenced thousands of people in the sales of Cricut products but now they have to change their whole website because they used the Cricut name.  

6. Cricut Rewards rarely updated. 
Everyone was excited when this program started and it sounded like a great way to get people to really enjoy the little extra of buying Cricut products. There was a lot of excitement at first but once people started holding on to their rewards and being able to afford a lot of the good stuff then the site rarely had anything new and exciting. I just used all my reward points on blades, tacky tape and cuttlebug folders.


7. ProvoCraft promoting and selling Cricut Circle Exclusive cartridges to the public. 
This was pulled after many Circle members complained. Those that complained publicly were contacted by phone and offered $50 free credit to use on, *okie wonders if that would be considered a bribe of some sort and can just see a PC mafia conspiracy and then laughs at her wild imagination*. As a Circle member the exclusive cartridges were what really interested me in the whole program. I received an email recently from someone at PC saying they wanted to talk to me, even though I have not posted anywhere about my feelings on this subject,  and didn't have a valid phone number. I emailed back and told them I don't get home until after their offices close and asked what they wanted to talk to me about and I never received a reply. We were told Circle carts were exclusive to Circle members and then the rules were changed and they are saying the carts are exclusive only for a certain period of time. Okie dokie, then I will only be a Circle member until my membership expires. Oh and about changing my mind concerning their images that can be found in SVG format...if they aren't going to maintain exclusivity in the content that we paid for, well then why should we. In the original FAQs section of the Cricut Circle ProvoCraft posted this: 
2. May Cricut Circle members sell their cartridges to members outside the Circle?

Provo Craft will not be selling the cartridges outside the Cricut Circle. We anticipate that Cricut Circle Members will know they have paid for premium content and the cartridges will uphold their value.
I can't at this time find the link to this as it might have been removed.  But if I'm lyin', I'm dyin!

These are not the only reasons for my decision, but they are the main ones. I have been carefully watching and not saying much about all these things so I could make an informed decision based on what is best for me as a papercrafter. My decision has lead to me saying good-bye to my Cricut cartridges and most of my machines. I will keep using my Expression until I can decide which machine I want to purchase. I am currently debating between the Silhouette Cameo and the KNK Zing.  I have been discussing this in my Facebook group for over a month now and they are all quite aware of my feelings and intentions. I have gotten a few comments such as "it's the end of an era" and I responded with "think of it as a new beginning"; "the day the music died" and I responded "just think of it as the music pausing so the true concert can begin!".

During the time that Design Studio wasn't updated I decided to load up the Make The Cut software that has been sitting in my computer for a long time and check it out. Years ago when I downloaded the  MTC trial version I didn't like it because you had to also use Inkscape and that was like putting in algebraic equation in front of me, which is NOT a good thing. The updated version I have now is a lot better and it is also a version that is pre-lawsuit, therefore still legal on my machine. I loved being able to cut any font I wanted that was in my computer. The shadow layering was just amazing, beyond amazing really. 

So my dear readers you now have the official announcement and reasons behind my decision of saying "GOOD-BYE CRICUT". I am not angry, have no hard feelings, not boycotting or have any other negativity toward ProvoCraft and Cricut. I am just divorcing due to irreconcilable differences *okie remembers writing about a divorce from PC not so long ago in a tongue and cheek manner and had no idea it would become a reality*. Since there was no pre-nup they owe me nothing and I owe them nothing. We both leave with what we went into the relationship with...ProvoCraft with their company and me with my creativity. It was a good relationship while it lasted and I have some wonderful memories and better yet some fantastic friends that I will carry with me.

Don't be surprised when you start seeing some heavy hitters of Cricut products switching to other brands. It is happening...everywhere. Truth be told it is moving at a rate of an avalanche on the Swiss Alps *okie pictures in her mind an avalanche and how it slowly starts and when the momentum gets going how it moves at a mind blowing rapid pace and with such force it destroys anything in it's path*, yep I would say that is a pretty accurate description. I know many others are not ready to announce their feelings and choices and like I said before, I made an informed decision based on what is best for me and I know they are doing the same.

Oh and to answer the question before it is asked...NO, I will not stop sharing my projects or my life on this website. Cricut maybe be the reason I started this thing but you guys are the reason I will continue.


  1. I get it. I moved on quite awhile ago and do not buy Provocraft products at all anymore. There were several reasons, but a HUGE one was them trying to cripple people from selling items they owned.

    There's a whole awesome and WAY less restrictive world at your fingertips now!

  2. I (heart) my Cameo. And I (heart) Okie. :D

  3. Hear, hear! I can't believe they put the circle cartridges on sale. That is so wrong and makes me glad I didn't join because I was very close to hitting that button. I would have been SO mad! Cutting machines have moved on and are so much better than the cricut offerings. The Silhouette Cameo is on my wish list for Xmas. Thanks for sharing!!


  4. Good for you! I can relate to a few of your concerns and agree wholeheartedly. I just purchased a silhouette cameo to begin a new chapter for myself too. Hopefully, PC will get with the program and start putting the customers ahead of profits. Keep us posted (as I'm sure you will) cuz I don't believe this is the end of this saga. Lol.

  5. Good for you Okie! I wish I could jump too. I have too much invested and my imagine is the only problem child right now. I don't know what I will do when my Gypsy dies. Will I be able to craft again with just the cartridges? I am Gypsy dependent. That when I will bail. I hope whichever machine you get brings you much happiness.

  6. I love my Cricut, and understand where you are coming from. Many have jumped the cricut ship for good reasons. You all still inspire me and smile on a daily basis. Like you said Cricut brought us together, but will not tear us apart. Thank you Okie for making us smile and giving us such inspiration. ♥

  7. I can't afford to switch at this point, but the only cartridges I'm buying now are used (and usually linked - never had a gypsy). You were so good to them, too! On a happier note, here's a site to check on your quest for the next best thing in Okie creativity.
    Happy hunting!

  8. Great post, Okie. Thanks for sharing your feelings. Selling the exclusives was a complete punch in the face to previously loyal, invested customers (like me too).

  9. I hear you loud and clear and agree. Enough is enough. I have been a circle member since day one and the last straw was selling the Cirle Carts to the general public. Totally devalued my carts and flooded the market. Over the summer I decided to purchase the Cameo and love it. I am keeping my Create, E, I, gypsy and all my carts until they "croak" on me. Such a sad day on the mb losing a fellow cricut member but PC has pushed to this with all their EMPTY promises and too many problems with their damn updates.

  10. WOW what a tremendously well written , eloquent and well thought out post. I have followed you loosely for years now and was always amazed at what you did with Design Studio. I think your creativity and talent will continue to motivate many crafters. Thank you for all the sharing you have done and will continue to do!

  11. I have to agree with Melin's comment. You wrote an eloquent and well thought out post. Let us all know what you go with and how you like it. Always like to hear about your purchases. Kind of like hearing from an old friend. :) Thanks for sharing look forward to reading your next post. Please keep posting. Sorry but I don't have the paper your friend is looking for.

  12. Like you, I'll continue to use my E until it dies and then look for another brand of cutter.

    You better make up your mind which one you're getting, because you know that's the one I'll wind up with too. That way you can answer all my dumb questions about using it! lol!

    I'm still 98% satisfied with my E. I just wish it would cut small images more cleanly.

    As far as Design Studio vs. Make The Cut? I'm totally blown away with the features in MTC that are not in DS. I'm still using my Cricut cartridges, but will probably never use them and DS to cut letters again. The shadow feature in MTC is just too darned simple to use!

  13. Okie - you have got me to thinking. It seems like the scrapbooking blog world has taken a nose dive especially those who blogged about Cricut and promoted their stuff.

    I counted up my cartridges and I own 27. Not many by some standards and only ONE is linked to a gypsy. I bought that cartridge used with the knowledge it had been previuosly linked to a gypsy. I don't own a gypsy so none of my other 26 cartridges are linked. So, is PC saying I can't sell my cartridges? I have heard so many good things about the Cameo, but feel I have too much invested in cricut at the moment unless I knew for certain I could sell my cricut stuff.

    I agree wholeheartedly with you and your stance on Provocraft. Thanks for always sharing with us. I love your blog

  14. Humm I was thinking about asking hubby for a cameo but feel bad about all the Cricut stuff I have. This is just want I need to read. Thanks Okie. I was afraid you were saying good bye to your blog.

  15. Well said, Okie!!! My scrapping friends & I gave up on Provo Craft some time ago.
    Thank God you aren't giving up your blog......looking forward to more of your posts.

  16. I enjoy your blog so please
    keep crafting with us.


  17. So well written Okie. I totally agree with all the issues you discussed about PC. So many broken promises. I guess I will be getting a letter too for my blog but have not gotten one yet. So sad when I company doesn't appreciate their diehards. I will continue following you even if you just want to make mud pies. Thanks for writing what so many people feel. Hugs-Suzanne
    For now Cricutcraftingrammy

  18. Perfectly stated Okie! I gave up on Cricut about 9 months ago! Love my cameo! and feel as though I gave birth to more creativity than I can handle! Still haven't sold ALL my cricuts but I'm no longer recommending to my friends. If they want a cricut I will sell them mine! LOL and have sold 2 of them!! My Imagine crashed and burned and in the repair shop but I don't hold out much hope for that one either! but I have Cameo and love it! and love your Facebook group! more fun than Cricut boards anymore for sure!! I now check there first just like I used to check the Circle blog! I'll miss seeing your creativity with Cricut but look forward to seeing where in the world you'll go with Cameo or whatever you choose!

  19. been on the cricut mob when you were there, follow your blog, yet I have also the cameo, I still have my imagine, no one seems to want that, and still have a few carts latest one is teddy bears, since my cameo find that my cricut ex doesn't cut so well and normally have to do multi cut and I replaced the blade pressure etc, love my cameo no politics involved, cricut was good for a season, now it is the cameos time to shine and it cuts details beautifully.
    can't wait to see what machine you choose.
    will continue to follow your blog.

  20. I too am one of the blessed ones that bought MTC long before all of the PC litigation so still have the benefit of the PCC driver. Bought my 1st Cricut (CE) in '09 and MTC in January '10... and a full sized CC in '11 (after all it's just a red CE, which is how I use it). Also have a Gypsy loaded with all my 61 cartridges. I never did like DS - very user unfriendly, but love my Gypsy... although I love my MTC MORE. MTC is very user friendly and the owners are very in tune to the desires/needs of the crafting community and their support network is AMAZING! Haven't bought a single cartridge since PC's first suit v. MTC and won't ever buy another one! The versatility of MTC is fabulous! Totally opens up your creative options! Presently can't afford to upgrade to my dream machine (KNK Zing!due to pressure and laser eye rather than optical eye on others) so I'll use my two Cricuts and Gypsy until they die... without doing any upgrades. I have never and will never use PC's online craftroom for exactly the reasons you stated. So glad you will continue to blog! Lastly, welcome to the "real" world of genuine creativity (MTC)! Looking forward to continuing to follow your inspiration!

  21. Whew, I thought you were going to stop blogging. Thank goodness you're not.

    I think you voiced what many people have been saying and thinking. I finally bought a cameo I June and have been very happy. Good luck with whatever machine you choose.

    I am one of those people that still have have a lot of $ invested in my cricut products and will probably keep them until my machines die or I need more space available for other crafting items. It's unfortunate that the one machine I once prized just sits most of the time now. The one positive I take from all of this, thank goodness for competition because at least I now have my cameo that I love!

  22. I totally get it. When a door is closed, lots of windows open!!! We will all get through the learning curve together. Cricut brought us together and the members remain the best thing to date. See you on the other side!!! FOLLOW THE LIGHT!

  23. Amazed but not surprised. I still have my E but only use it with SCAL. When it dies or if I sell off my carts (still have 29) and then the machine I will buy a Cameo. Or if my computer dies again then I will be forced to update sooner. I should just dump the lot on Ebay and be done with it. Welcome to the Darkside!

  24. Well said Okie! I support you in your decision. I too am a Premier Cricut Circle member, however, that obviously means nothing! I hope PC realizes what ehy have lost in you!

  25. Okie, well written indeed.
    My DH always asks me if PC is run by mafia Lol, he hears me talk about different goings on by PC and don't know what to think of them.

    Okie I think you should buy the KNK Zing, of course my motive is purely selfish��because I just purchased the Zing.
    I would look forward to following along with you and all your talent as I get to know the Zing and MTC software.
    I have received it but don't have it to play �� It's a Christmas gift from DH so I have to wait a few more weeks.
    I was trying to decide from Cameo but chose the Zing.

  26. I am right there with ya! A Cameo is at the top of my wish list. I think Cricut is soon to be a thing of the past. My question to myself I try and sale what I have or use it along with the Cameo until it dies?

  27. Totally agree Okie. I bought a cameo a few months ago and love it. The online store for silhouette is great. I haven't let go of my machines yet but I use them less and less. I became disenchanted when I realized that my gypsy will die before I can link my cartridges to anything else and I hate digging through 150cartridges. If I must use a computer I would rather not have to use cartridges too. The exclusive cartridges was just icing on the cake. Looking forward to seeing your new creations.

  28. OMG, I thought you wanted to close your blog!!!! What a relief! Just reading your rambling makes me want to laugh, you have to keep doing it... for a very long time, lol!!!! I just had issues with Cricut. I checked to get a cartridge sent to Canada about 2 weeks ago and the shipping went from $7 to 27& in that 2 weeks! Talk about screwing your customer! Big hugs, love your blog

  29. Your post said just what I have been feeling for sometime. I bought my Cameo last summer have never looked back. It was a hard decision. I too felt loyal to provocraft. Back in 2006 (?) they jolted me into this amazing hobby. I thanked them by buying and buying more of their products. I jumped on the circle bandwagon. I went from DS to the gypsy to CCR never satisfied with any of these. Is the Cameo perfect? no. The mats are too thin and the blades wearout too fast. But boy let me tell you it cuts beautiful ROUND circles, SHARP cornered squares and itty bitty anything. I made the right decision, I think you have too.

  30. Okie I love your honesty!! I can not afford to buy another cutting system at this time, but am really thinking my next purchase will NOT be PC. Which is sad considering my 3 machines, 2 Gypsies and 200+ carts.....

    It was a sad day when PC shifted to "Greed Mode" instead of perfecting the products they already had. I teach Cricut classes at a craft store and I really have a hard time keeping my current opinions to myself to the new crafters. The store I work at only sells cricut machines at this time though.

    So glad you are keeping your craftiness online :)

  31. Well said Shirley and so elegantly too! I will continue to use my machines until they die, after that I will get a different machine, like the ones you mentioned. Only I am a little angry at the way PC treated their loyal customers and I am-WAS a loyal one, but I have learned my lesson. So I will use my PC stuff until it no longer works and then I will be completely done with PC.

  32. Thank you for putting into words so many of my own thoughts! I too have been a loyal PC fan for many years (and many, many dollars). When I tried to post my thoughts on the MB I have been ambushed by a certain "Provocraft Cheerleader" who shall remain unnamed. So, I gave up posting over there. I have been unhappy for awhile and purchased my Cameo a few months ago ♥. I have steadily been selling off my PC products and will continue to do so. I will keep one of my 3 machines and a handful of my favorites carts to play with until they keel over! Thanks again for your post and keep on crafting!

  33. Oh Okie I totally agree with you and you wrote it so much better than I could ever have thought of saying it. I am right there with you, I was so excited when I got my first Cricut (2006) and then just kept growing from there, I guess I am a a "go big or go home" kind of person. I was a Circle member from day one (even thought when I got that first email I thought they (PC) were crazy), but having those exclusive cartridges was a big deal, maybe to you and I but as we now know not to PC.
    I am tired of their empty promises and do not plan on buying anymore PC products (not thrilled with the new designs), if they can not respect and appreciate their customers why should we return the favor. I will not at this point be getting rid of my PC products (just can't do it) but I did buy a Cameo in August and I love it. I also have MTC which I bought way back in the beginning and just have not used it as I should have. I am definitely getting more into it and also the Silhouette Cameo Designer Studio, yes it is easier to pop a cartridge in but as I learn these two programs I am sure I will phase away from Cricut. So so sad as I do love them, but can no longer tolerate the lies and promises of PC. They seem to me to be a money hungry company that needs to get their priorities straight and put their customers first. In fact instead of suing MTC (there is another suit going on) they should spend the $$ to hire them as a consultant and have a program that will make all their customers happy. I will continue to follow your blog as I love to read your writing and see your projects.

  34. Wow! Not only I am glad you made this decision but to see how many people commented who got another machine. Like Tanya/Nonna I just stopped posting on Cricut MB last month and it feels great, no more negativity reading people's complains and PC reaction on them. I posted my cards almost every day for over 2 years. Great experience and I am so thankful for my new friends. I am very happy with my new Cameo. Good luck on deciding which machine to get. Tatiana

  35. Wow I am so sorry to hear this! I understand your reasons but you are such an inspiration that I hate to see go. I will of course continue to follow your blog and am sure at some point I will also be switching over. I will be very interested in your future purchase of machines as your creativity totally influences me. Cricut has lost so many people on the boards that you can go a week and just look once and be caught up! Will sincerely miss you on the Cricut forum but will see you on your blog!

  36. Thank goodness.....I didn't know what to think. Glad you posted early.
    I couldn't have said it any better.
    I think you spoke what many are thinking.
    I would be very sad if I couldn't read about you and Linda and all the others.

    I don't know if you remember talking to me very late one night after my Husband had passed away. That was a very bad night for me and prayed to God to just please take me too.

    I had never been alone as I got married when I was 17 years old.

    You made a difference in my life that night just by taking time to talk to me.
    Remember, ( if you do )....I told you that you remind me of my Sister that passed away 10 months before my Sweetheart did, just 12 days before Christmas.

    Some of the things you say, would be something she would say as she always told it like it was. I feel like you are a close friend and I would have been very sad had you said you was leaving the MB.

    If my Sweetheart was still here I would already have a Cameo.

    Someday I will pester you and Linda with lots of questions.
    I do have MTC ( pre law suit) But I can't find it because I didn't know you could still use it. My son got it for me for Christmas and he downloaded it to his computer so when he finds it on his computer he is going to burn me another copy.
    but he is one of those laid back guys like his Dad and takes his time doing things. But it won't be long ( I hope)!!!
    I still have the pink Cricut in the box.
    I could never sell my Cricut or carts because that would be like losing a piece of my sweetie. He was so excited to bring that baby bug home. I can still see the look on his face. I think he was more excited than me!!!!
    I am glad you are happy with your decision and aren't leaving any of us behind :)

  37. Way to go Okie! Welcome to the dark side. I agree with everything (except I didn't agree with the lawsuits).

  38. Way to have to love what you do with what you have. I have not bought a cart for quite a while and have decided to buy me the Cameo for my Xmas present. For a lot of reasons. This seem like a trend right now with a lot of the bloggers. Reading all of this I'm happy I finally made my decision now.
    Blessings and happy crafting to you.

  39. Geeze....I was so happy to hear that you are going to continue your blog! I look forward to opening your post every morning, gets my day started on the right foot. I wholehartedly agree with your comments. You go girl. Will be anxiously awaiting your machine decision so I can follow in your footsteps. I wish I had the paper your friend needs. I would give it to her. Sorry

  40. ❤You Oakie. You have always inspired me with your creations and your wonderful wit. I don't go on the board much anymore, it's just not what it used to be. I treasure all of the friends I have made and I thank Provo for that .
    I do have MTC but haven't used it much. I think now I will learn. I will not be getting rid of my Cricuts or carts, I love them. I'm not really interested in buying any new ones though, they are starting to run together.
    Still a fan of you ❤

  41. Thank you so much for sharing.
    You and your sense of humor will be missed on the MB but I totally understand.
    I at this point am still happy with my Cricuts and assorted PC stuff. The political s*** isn't its fault. lol.
    I'll use my stuff until it dies. None of my carts are linked since I NEVER liked the fact that once they were linked they couldn't be unlinked. Eventually I will probably get another machine also. Not there financially yet.
    Did all of you see the 3rd party sticky announcement on the MB? I still check in to try and help out with people who need help but it has turned into a ghost town.
    More and more of my fav blogs have received those letters and it is just plain sad. PC should recognize that most of their sales came from us seeing what others made with their cuts and not slap those people down.
    Thank you for sharing your creativity with us.
    I just signed up to receive your blog by email since I won't be able to find you the ole MB way.

  42. As you can see you are not alone - I left the MB a few months ago - just wasn't going anywhere. I'm hoping to replace my Cricut at some stage. I'm one of the lucky ones, I'm new to it all and only have 28 carts and plan to buy no more! I will use the machines till I can't and then move on (hopefully before that :-) Have a great week. Karon

  43. I'd like to be able to say that I am shocked, or even disappointed ... but the truth is, I'm not. The writing has been on the wall for some time now. I'm not blind, I've seen it too and my own feelings are very similar to your's. Actually, you've hung on longer than most!

    I also have to agree with each issue you've noted, as each is true and on point.

    Yet a part of me is feeling a little sad ... why is that? I've been a loyal Cricut user for so long that I feel lost. Almost as if I've been rearranging chairs on a ship that's going down. Perhaps a new cutter is in my future too? I have so many amazing images that I would so love to be able to cut and print ... these images are not associated with PC products. So I guess I am answering my own question, aren't I?

    Yep, it's hard to say good-bye, but we all must do what is best for us ... besides, it's not a crafting good-bye ... it's "Hello new world of creative opportunities!"

    As always, I'll be looking forward to seeing your next crafty projects and all the other fabulous chatting that you share!


  44. Well written Okie. I remember when I 1st joined the Cricut MBs in early 2008 and was amazed at what I saw you and so many other people creating. I have been following your blog for ages and will continue to do so. I am becoming quite disillusioned with PC's treatment of their oldest and most loyal consumers. Seeing your post today and Melin's post yesterday, has made me realize that as much fun as it's been, times are changing. I look forward to seeing your choice of your new machine and enjoying your new creativity.

  45. Okie, Very well written. I understand your position and am in agreement. My Silhouette Cameo is already ordered and it is my Christmas present from my sweet hubby this year.

    I never thought that I would change from Cricut, but I am not feeling too confident in the company anymore...Makes me really sad.

    God bless you honey. Can't wait to see all the presents you are making for your party..Those friends of yours are very blessed to call you friend..

    God bless, Smoochie

  46. I truly understand where you are coming from. I was beyond angry when I saw they were selling those exclusive cartridges. Glad to here you will be continuing to blog despite the break-up.

  47. Well said Shirley. A few years ago when I discovered the Cricut, I jumped on the band wagon with both feet and my wallet. I now own an Expression, Imagine, Anniversary E2, Gypsy and 175 carts. I was also an original Circle member from day one for two years. I became disillusioned and opted out the beginning of the third year. I also could not tolerate the fact that every time I wanted to use one of my machines, I had to go through a lengthy update and pray that the update didn't break something else. I have to admit, that I still miss the circle message board, but couldn't justify the cost.

    Since buying my Silhouette over a year ago, I have not purchased any more carts or PC products, with the exception of some embossing folders.. The SIL is a great cutter and I really love it. I do ocassionally use my Cricut carts and my granddaughter loves to browse through the books, but I mostly use the SIL.

  48. Shirley I wholeheartedly agree with your reasons for making a decision to move on from PC. There is only so much a customer should take before they decide their dollars are better spent elsewhere.

    Good luck in making your decision on which other cutter will get your money next...cause ya know you are gonna spend a bunch when you do ! Looking forward to seeing what you create next.

    We got in to papercrafting to create not have our minds burdened with ridiculous decisions made by a company. Happy Creating!

  49. Well said Okie. I jumped ship a long time ago, due to all the limitations. I will use my E til it dies and am gathering information now on its replacement.

  50. What a FANTASTIC well written post. Before I broke up with Provocraft, I was a Circle Member and regular message board lurker, sometimes poster. I have always enjoyed your posts and have had many, many laughs with you (even though you didn't know it). I have continued to follow your blog because it is so entertaining and wish you the best with your new cutter! I have a Gazelle and making the switch was a wonderful decision for me!!

  51. I just purchased a Silhouette after years of Cricut use. The difference is astounding! Cleaner cuts, True Type fonts, creating my own designs, importing images... It's like upgrading from VHS to DVD! Not to mention that I feel so much more confident in Silhouette's tech support / customer service. Kicking myself for waiting so long to make the switch!

  52. Wow, Okie, this is big news. I do understand everything you said. I never got really upset with PC like everyone did when it came to the lawsuits. I did, however, become disillusioned when I became afraid to update my gypsy. I also don't like that carts can't be unlinked. I said I wasn't jumping ship because I have too much invested--3 cricuts, a gypsy, 120+ carts plus I'm a CTMH demo; but everytime I cut a wonky circle or a leaning scallop, I just got PO'd. At any rate, my Silhouette is being delivered today.

  53. Well, well, well. I read everything you stated and I read every comment that was made. You and I are in the same boat. I agree with eveything you said. I jumped on the band wagon at the launch of the Cricut maching in 2005 when it started out with what I call the baby bug only it didn't have numbers on the dials, just a skinny line that got bigger as you went higher. I have over 210 cartridges and I still use them, but I also have 2 Expressions, the E-2,a Cameo, E-Clips, Gypsy and had the Imagine but sold it. Things really started going down hill when Chris left who gave us so much help with the Imagine. He even called us on our home phone to help us, but PC let him go as well as Ginger. I love my Cameo and I understand why you are leaving. You spoke for a lot of us. Thank you for all your comments, designs and love for crafting. I will always follow you with what ever machine you decide to go with. Oh! one more thing, it is never too late for another man. God Bless.
    Sheila K. Rogers

  54. Very well said, just waiting for my Cameo to be delivered. Wish PC would wake up and smell the roses and start thinking about their customers.

  55. Whew! I thought you were saying "good-bye" to the blog! i have never met you, but would have been so sad to not get to "read" you.

    I am a stamper at heart. I like to ink and color and cut with my good old Xacto blade. I use my metal dies more than my Cricut these days.

    I see many peeps switching to the Cameo. I will be interested in your decision.

    Remember- you just want to make chit, so do what you need to do.


  56. I heart you and will continue to follow your blog....I love your sense of humor and I feel if time and money were not an and I would bond over wine! Of course the wine brings out the wild side in me so no telling what might happen. I miss you already and Love you so much!

  57. I felt guilty about leaving my Cricut behind especially since I'd invested so much money into carts but once I got my Cameo last year, I've only used my Cricut once. I'm stll holding on to my carts because they're linked to my Gypsy and I now realize I should never have linked them but it's a lesson learned.

    I think you made the right decision for you and I look forward to your new creations with whatever tool you choose!

  58. I understand exactly how you feel. I don't know how many people I got involved and into buying Cricut product. I too never thought I'd see the day when I'd get rid of my Cricut. I've had my Cameo about 3 weeks and I absolutly love it !!! I haven't tried letters yet but WOW the GREAT DETAIL CUTS !!!!! I will still look forward to being inspired by you ! Please get a Cameo because there is a lot I don't know yet and you could give instructions on it. :~)

    Anna N.

  59. That's wonderful for you. I have not gone that far...yet. I have used mine less and less, because I am busy at the moment. I had finally had gotten to the place where I could join this club, and I did not like what PC was offering and how they were offering it. My rewards are wasting away (in my mind), because I cannot find what I want. I cannot afford to switch (not sure what the going rate for cricut machines are. I remember I downloaded your strawberry and cut it out on DS and being proud of that little strawberry. I had never cut out using my cricut and my computer before. Good luck, and I am sure I will find out which machine you will choose.

  60. Very well put! After I heard they let the marketing team go as well as Ginger due to lack of sales (not sure if there is any truth to that rumor) and my Imagine kept having more and more issues with no support (even under warranty), I decided to start looking at other machines. I was also really concerned when PC would release something that was so "buggy" (no pun intended). I used to be a software tester and if we ever launched something with so many issues like PC has done, I would have lost my job a long time ago.

    I have no bad feelings towards PC, I'm just moving on to bigger and better things. I bought a Cameo about 9 months ago and I just love it. There is a small learning curve for the software, but I was able to tinker with it and figure a lot of it out on my own.

    Keep up the good work!

  61. Like many others and you.. I had invested so much in Cricut. I had 3 machines from them, gypsy and 80+ cartridges. I was still not happy but having invested a lot made me tied up in them. But then I ask myself, how long am I going to keep holding on to this even if not making me happy anymore?

    I started selling 2 machines and a couple of carts that I haven't used and use that money to buy me a Cameo 2 months ago and my oh my! It has opened up to a whole new world.. There's tons of possibilities it's crazy what you can do with that machine and those very detailed cuts that I could never let my cricut machine do..

    After having the Cameo for a month. I sold the rest of my Cricut stuff. Not only do I have more money in the pocket after selling what I have, I also have more space in my craft room. 80+ cartridges and 3 machines takes up the whole wall and so happy to see its now cleaned up!!

  62. Hi Okie. My vote is for the Zing. It does with the Cameo can do plus more.

  63. When I purchased my cricut in 2007 it was marketed as a stand-alone cost effective machine. That is why it stood out from many of the other computer based die cutting machines. Then they tried to merge the worlds, design studio, gypsy, then moved to print and cut now cricut craftroom. The problem is that they have moved quickly from concept to concept and they haven’t been able to make all their products sync and work properly together before coming out with yet another new product with bugs. In growing they definitely let product quality and customer service take a back seat to growth. I joined the circle for the first 6 months. I was unhappy with the exclusive cart and lack of organization and planning for its members. Also I did not like the exclusiveness some people used to exhibit on message boards because they were in it. I left high school clicks some time ago and that aspect was not for me. Another idea not thought out before it was marketed. Last spring I purchased the silhouette cameo for the intricate cutting and font capabilities. I will continue to use my cricut expression, Imagine and gypsy because of my investment but the exclusive love affair is over. I haven’t seen any new cartridges knock my socks off like they used to. I will not use cricut craft room. It won’t work with the Imagine (yet another bug) and there have been so many bugs in the updates I’m afraid to update my gypsy, expression or Imagine anymore.

  64. you know Okie..that was one thing that got me the most..when a person buys ANYTHING is should be considered yours right? if you read ALL the small print on cricut software and carts...its states right there it is THEIRS all the ideas that members made and showed cased PC claimed it.I used to only used DS and would not buy the gyspy and I won't even go into the ccr..I went with the zing which can cut chipboard to copy paper so smooth and easy...what is so sad if PC would have let the third parties work the circuts there would be a lot more and happier cricut users(JMHO)and probaby still cricut owners and not sellers...

  65. I am a long time follower. All I can say is "well said".
    I have my E and will continue to use it and my existing cartridges with my Gypsy. I purchased MTC a long time ago and really hated the way PC went after (can't recall the guy's name).
    I now own a Cameo and continue to build my library of SVG's. So for now my 2 machines have a home, but PC isn't getting any more of my money!

  66. Okie.. The sihlouette cameo is on sale for 199.97 for today only with free shipping........ I just ordered one!!!!!

    Michele (aka Skooter)

  67. All I can say is well said Okie and yes PC have treated us their customers little better than cattle.....I will continue to use my machines but when they die that will be it....I will then change. I love my crafting, and have met on the mb all those years ago some awesome people. Many will remain life long friends one or two alas are no longer with us x. But had PC showed any thought or loyalty to us their customers many who have struggled to purchase their machines and carts then we would not be leaving in droves now. Much love and respect Okie xxx wishing you well in all you do I know we will stay in touch xxxx Bernie Simmons AKA Boo!

  68. Well said as always Okie. Like you I stuck with and defended but I've since sold my E2 and all but 2 of my cartridges. I still have the gypsy and my original expression but since I bought the Cameo I haven't touched either one. Provocraft had such a great opportunity to make this market and they let us down time after time. I look forward to the new creations that come from whichever machine you buy. hugs, eileen

  69. As always - THANKS for your honesty Okie!! I got tired of Cricut cuts rarely coming out as I envisioned them and switched to digital scrapping mid-2011. Then, Oct2012 I really missed playing with my paper & bought the Cameo so I could merge the 2 crafts. Now, I create hybrid stuff that really makes my heart sing.

    The thing that REALLY made me happy? When I contacted Silhouette America Customer Service to ask about being able to get their images on both my machines because I create my projects on the desktop but cut from my laptop. They gave a quick and reasonable answer, "redownloading is limited to 3 times to avoid illegal file sharing." ProvoCraft made my buy a separate copy of DS for each computer AND gave me hell when I called to get a new registration key to activate my DS copy again after I wiped it in a computer upgrade. I never could use the program I paid for again!!

    So, the customer service at silhouette america wins the day for me!

  70. loved your blog and the amazing things you did with George! I dumped my E a year ago and bought the amaZING Zing. This is an amazing machine!! Have had MTC long before the law suit and it's a wonderful program with fantastic customer support. Bought DS and never used it, hated it! Welcome to the world of total design freedom, you'll never look back.

  71. I'm in complete agreement with you, my Expression is on eBay right now along with my Jukebox and I just got an early Christmas present from my husband, a CAMEO! It makes beautifully intricate cuts and works much better than my Expression did. I still have a Create and some of my cartridges but will probably be selling them next. The Cameo has sparked my creativity, the Silhouette Studio is easy to figure out once you actually start playing with it, I updated my SCAL so now I have the best of both worlds.

  72. I very much understand your decision to divorce yourself from provo craft... and i too have been considering the same... but here is a question that i have.... i have invested hundred, dare i say thousands of dollars in carts... are there any die cut machines out there that we can use the carts in??

  73. Well said Okie! I left PC a long time ago. I have never seen a company run so poorly! It is as if they set out to make customers angry. I have a Cameo and really like it. The Zing was a little out of my price range for something to "play" with! Hopefully, you will love whatever you decide to purchase. I will say this, I LOVE Make-the-Cut software!

  74. I bought my Cameo a little over a month ago. I love it. I sold most of my Cricut stuff and the few carts I did keep, I will probably end up giving to my grand daughter. I just had to move on. Too much BS and I didn't want it anymore. I have seen you on the MTC forum, and I hope you will continue to learn that software. I am still learning it and I have owned it for two years (I think). I just want to enjoy crafting and my machine.

  75. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I watched the videos of this machine way back when and, although tempting, there was always something that prevented me from delving in. I realize now it was my background in graphic design and the restrictions to cutting only their art. But, my sis-in-law told me about a sale on the personal bug, so I got one for $79.00. I never purchased a cart. About that time I got SCAL2, and then the lawsuit happened. I realized I wanted a larger mat to cut with, so I sold the bug for $70.00, having never invested any more in it. I got a Sizzix Eclips, which is fantastic. I love it so much. And, I can cut what I want, use 1000s of free fonts, lots of free and very inexpensive svg files. My fave files are from They are my paper crafting community, and I love them! This is what paper crafting should to design and create our very own projects, to fully own our cutters with no restrictions, and to have support and to share and learn from our crafty friends. The bugless world is larger than you can imagine without boundary! Good luck in choosing your new machine and a whole new world of creativity. You won't regret it!

  76. WOW..well stated Okie, I have not touched my cricut in months as I too am lost without design studio and REFUSE to bow down to Cricut Craft Room. I have so much invested in 3 machines,cartridges and a gypsy that it makes me sick thinking of the day I go to the dark side. Looking forward to hearing what system you decide to go with.

  77. Very well said. I wish that I had also bought the MTC software when I originally thought about it - too late now! I also was one who refused to switch from the Design Studio to CCR. I do like your attitude about the "divorce", moving on with your creativity. My Cricut used to be my "go-to" tool for paper crafting and now I rarely use it.
    Curious to see what system you will choose now!

  78. So happy to have found this and read these posts. I just received my 4th cricut, all replaced and all the same problems. Craft room mainly but I did note one thing one of the techies said which caught my attention. She asked if I had a Mac and I replied yes, a good big one! :>) She got all the stats for power, gigs, ram, etc., and said well it's plenty powerful so that should work but...(and I think she was thinking out loud) she said "no support for Mac's) and I thought did I just hear that right? So I quickly said, really? She replied "well....and sort of recanted but not altogether. lots of Mac users have more problems with craft room. Thanks Provo craft for forgetting to put that in your details, "Mac users may experience more problems, months and months of them in fact, so buyer beware!" But they didn't say that so I figured, nope, can't be the mac. And it's not! It's the dang cricut! Face it, let it go and move on. Lots of cutters out there, if I spent as much time looking for cutters as I have with tech support I'd found the perfect one by now.
    Your's truly truly fed up!

  79. I recently bought an Ecraft machine and love the fact you don't have to use a mat, if my E2 croaks I'll just use my ecraft. I know alot of people changed to the cameo but I just could not afford the replacement blades for the cameo as you have to buy the whole unit. And I love the fact that the Ecraft you can put a roll of Vinyl or paper on the machine and cut and endless cut.Plus you have your choice of 3 different ways to load the paper front, back paper tray or the rolls. I tried the MTC program and can't get it to work with my Ecraft but It sure works awesome with SCAL 3