Saturday, December 1, 2012


I have a BIG announcement to share with all of you!!!

Sadly since I am busy getting ready for my party I don't have time to get this rather monumental announcement properly written up so you will have to wait until Monday *okie grins evilly*.

Until then discuss amongst yourselves! *okie smiles sweetly and bats her eyelashes innocently*


  1. Okie is running away with an extremely hot man? What? Will you still have time to craft and make us laugh?

  2. Now that's cruel LoL! Have a great weekend.

  3. You have been chosen to be on a Design Team.......

  4. Win the lottery? I think I'm your long lost sister!!

  5. Baby? Grandbaby? Wedding? I'm going to get up early just to read your blog post!

  6. Your daughter and Chuck are getting married???

  7. You know you are wrong for holding this information hostage!

  8. What's this? A big announcement to share???? Oh My! What could it be??????????

    Shirley is getting Married? No, couldn't be, should would have already told us if she were in a relationship that serioud.

    She is expecting a child? Huh? No, couldn't be. Again, she would have told us if she were in a relationship that serious.

    She has a wonderful new project to share? Well, possible ... but she shars wonderful projects with us all the time.

    She is changing jobs? Again, possible, but not likely. She loves her job and her clients too much to change.

    Her lovely daughter is getting married to the local football hero? Hmmm, well, that is sure possible. And just think, if that happens, then who knows, she just might be a granny in the not too distant future too! Oh how fun!

    Well, we'll have to wait until Monday for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Is it Monday yet???


  9. You are totally enjoying this, aren't you? These comment are hysterical! I can't wait for your big announcement! :)