Sunday, December 16, 2012

8th Annual Girlfriend Christmas Party - Part Deux!

With five ladies getting ready for a busy day of running around and shopping I was amazed we were out the door before 11am! There is an unofficial tradition of going to Walls Bargain Store as it is the store I am speaking of when I say "my local bargain store". I haven't found a person yet that doesn't like the store, well at least out of my friends I take there. If you see something you like you better get it then because it might be gone the next time and they likely won't be getting anymore in!

I would really like to tell you more about what else we did but to be honest it is all a bit of a blur at this moment. My sister arrived Friday afternoon, standing with tradition of course *okie thinks to herself that her life is nothing if not traditional and then laughs about even thinking that big of fluff*, and we decided it was time to go to Walmart for our grocery shopping.

For once I had actually gotten most of the items for the party ready ahead of time so the traditional last minute shopping was not near as frantic as in past years. We all had our lists of items we needed to get to make our appetizers for the party and when once at Walmart we all split up and made haste to fill our buggies and get out of the hectic shopping pace that happens every Christmas season. We had one more stop before we could call it quits at shopping....THE LIQUOR STORE!

Every year I make Hurricane Punch for the punch bowl and guests are always encouraged to bring anything they would like to drink in case their palettes are not adjusted to such a delectable drink. I needed to get a few liters of rum *okie smiles remembering she still has some punch in her fridge right now and wonders how long it will keep* while others opted for some Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, Tequila and I think maybe something else but not quite sure.

Once we made it home we decided to break out the Ninja Blender and make a few Margarita's. However, in the rush of the day I forgot to get ice. Karen and I went to the ice house, actually called Twice The Ice, to purchase two large bags of ice. Karen had never been to the ice house and was quite impressed and has decided she needs to set up a few in Florida. I love ice from there since it is what we call  "slushy ice" and also you get a HUGE 16lb bag for $2, whereas at the grocery store or convinvence store you only get an 8lb bag for $1.50 or more. I had to teach Karen that you push the "bag" button if you don't have a cooler, otherwise your ice will come shooting out on the ground.

After a successful trip to the ice house we made some margarita's and visited. Carmen had brought a game called Quiddler. It is a card game where you spell words. I think I won the first hand rather quickly. Carmen argued that it wasn't a word while others gasped at the word I spelled. I had partaken a few margarita's by this point so I was quite impressed with not only my spelling ability but also with the quickness of find a word with the first 5 cards I was given. I had to discard one so it worked out quite nicely! They challenged my word but Carmen did find it on some online dictionary with her Ipad so they accepted it. My next word was "draud" and Karen challenged it. That word however did not stand up, although Karen was able to use it in a sentence by stating "she draud a pretty picture on her paper" so I think it should have been accepted. By this time we were a little tipsy and decided to go to the casino for a bit.

We didn't stay long at the casino...we had plenty of liquor at the house and it was free, and soon returned home. My daughter's friend Alisha came over and somewhere they had gotten some things called Suck And Blow, which are some type of jello shot in a tube that is made, well it requires two people. Shiane and Alicia demonstrated the technique and Carmen agreed to try this rather unusual method of partaking alcohol laced jello. I will say it was a bit of a hilarious riot watching Carmen and Shiane and there are video's to prove it did happen. Unfortunately, I have been threatened with bodily harm if I ever post said video on my Facebook page, website or YouTube channel. I will say that Carmen officially SUCKS at the suck and blow technique. You can make up what stories you want from that statement.

After visiting some more and setting the sleeping arrangements for the night we were all bushed and decided to try and get a good night's sleep before the busy day ahead of us and the fun filled evening that was planned. 



  1. Oh my - I think my friends and I in our younger, wilder days would have had quite the fun with that shot thingie!

  2. Already I am giggling at all the party antics, games and fun ... and I wasn't there, nor am I enjoying any of that suck and blow stuff!

  3. Hey... don't forget the Billy Bob teeth!