Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wrapping Paper, Always a Dilemma

My Christmas party is now less than 3 weeks away! I have been busy working on projects for prizes but can't really show you guys yet because I don't want my guests to see and I know they are nosy as hell and would be checking my blog to see what this year's prizes are and trying to figure out ways to get the ones they want. I however am smarter than them *at least in okie's mind she is smarter than them, but in okie's mind she is smarter than everyone...except maybe Einstein and he is dead so he doesn't count and then thinks Stephen Hawking is bad ass smart and wonders....remembers wrapping paper!*

One of my biggest dilemma's is wrapping paper. I have to find the perfect wrapping paper so all the prizes look gorgeous under the tree. This started years ago when my daughter was very small and it all started with some Coca-Cola wrapping paper! I decided if I was going to have to have my tree up for so long that the presents should become part of the decor and give off a nice presentation. A that time I had a lot more people to buy for and I could save my daughters presents until a few days before Christmas so she wouldn't be tempted by hers.

There were a few years that I would decorate my own paper. I used Kraft paper and then stamped images on with acrylic paint or used Tulip paints to draw designs on them. I stopped that when I decided I didn't have 3 hours to spend on wrapping 5 presents. Now that I have my Christmas Party every year I want to make sure the paper is different and special for each party.

This was last years paper. I have always loved the holographic paper and think it looks so nice but it is usually so expensive that I don't buy it. At the local bargain store I was able to stock up for less than a $1 a roll. I went with blue and white tulle for bows.

Thang 1, Carmen Florida & Thang 2, Carmen Houston
Back in 2008 the presents had to be re-wrapped! The two Carmen's had come in for the party that year as well as Karen. We were doing our day before the party preparations and running around when I came across this wonderful paper and thought it was perfect for the party. Now this is a task that I would not have undertaken on my own the morning of the party, but luckily the two Carmen's jumped with excitement *okie thinks she would rather think of them jumping with excitement than moaning with despair* to re-wrap the presents. Karen opted to go clean the kitchen and mumbled something about "I am not that Pucking Stupid! I am not messing up the presents and getting yelled at! I know how she is about these things and you better make sure you get them tucked and creased right...I'm going to go find something to clean!"  Honestly I think Karen just wanted the Carmen's to have all the fun since they were new that year to the party, and she really does like to scrub my oven and stove.

I pulled out a big folding table for the Carmen's, gave them each a pair of scissors, a roll of tape and let them thoroughly enjoy themselves wrapping the awesome prizes. We didn't have time to add fancy bows or anything like that but I think the paper was ornamental enough that it was fine without it. It might be hard to see but there are images of a different girls sitting on Santa's lap. Didn't they do an awesome job??

My daughter and I went and found wrapping paper for this year, of course I can't show that to you either right now. I guess I can't show ya'll much of anything I am doing these days and gives to the reason why my posts are so far and few between at this point. My daughter loves to wrap presents as much as I do and understands that every edge and corner needs to have a sharp crease and that there should be no ripples in the paper so she does quite well. When she was 8 years old she had went home with her Godmother Andrea and her 3 girls one weekend and it just happened to be a weekend where Andrea was going to be wrapping presents. The girls were all asleep but Shiane was still awake and Andrea asked if she wanted to help her wrap the presents. Shiane was quite excited about the task until she saw Andrea wrapping the presents. I will never forget Andrea calling me and telling me "Girl...she told me 'Auntie you wrap your presents all wrong' and then proceeded to show me the 'correct way' and I have to say that child can wrap a present like nobodies business!" *okie suddenly wonders if Chuck always saying "ya'll are just alike" is really true about her and her daughter and then decides Chuck is a man and therefore has no idea what he is talking about...EVER*.

At this time Shiane has been busy getting some of the prizes wrapped and we will do bows later after I get the tulle cut into strips. Been thinking about getting a Bowdabra, any thoughts on those?


  1. Karen was smart is all I have to say!!! Those damn squirrels were running rampant back then, you just weren't diagnosed yet!!!

  2. I love wrapping too.My step-mom would have me wrap all her special family gifts to ship to Canada when I was 11. On the BOW maker,I've had one for 15 yrs. and it is helpful.Saves your hand from cramping up when doing 100's of bows---I like bows ^.^ Just remember to put the wire tie 1st,yea,yea I know after 15 yrs. I still forget,lol. It also has a post for the spool of ribbon but it gets tangleNmangled for some reason and the spool gets tossed on the floor >.< It's nice to have measurements too.

  3. I love your posts. The Bow-dabra-a great tool.

  4. Get a'll love it! Even I can make pretty bows with it.