Saturday, November 3, 2012


Oh my good grief where has the time gone? I only have 5 weeks until my Christmas party and I am not nearly as ready as I should be! I know I totally stress over this event but it is my one event to my friends that I like to make so special that they will remember it for years. And now...I am running out of time!

I have been so busy with work, the two adult toddlers (ie, my daughter and her boyfriend), and planning and working on party projects that I haven't had time to think. So far I have had one guest who has had to cancel this year due to family issues and I am still believing my friend Carmen won't be able to come either. Her husband went through a quadruple bypass recently and I don't think she needs to be leaving him home unattended *okie shakes her head just thinking of the trouble Nick might get into if not supervised*. I thought about telling her we would make an exception of the "no men allowed" rule this year but figured if he is not in good health enough to shake his money maker at the party then well....

Finding new projects for prizes is becoming a concern of mine. I don't want to keep doing the same thing over and over and over but then I think they all seem to like it and then I think *okie thinks she thinks a lot and wonders if anyone's brain has ever exploded from thinking too much and decides if anyone's brain would do that it would be Albert Enstein or Stephen Hawking, whom both had or have intact brains and then realizes SQUIRREL just occured* "IT'S MY DAMN PARTY AND THEY SHOULDN'T COMPLAIN ABOUT FREE SHIT" but then I go back to worrying again. Are ya'll understanding my dilemma's here?

Guess I better get back to working on this dang project that is all over my table! My daughter is suppose to help me today when she gets home and I want to get most of the pieces cut that we will be needing to put together.  Hmmm, maybe a Twilight Marathon while we craft!


  1. Pinterest is great if you're looking for crafty gift ideas... just pick DIY/Craft under categories and scroll and see if anything strikes your fancy! Great to do when you have a few moments and just want to mindlessly look at pretty things. - KCM

  2. I completelyy understand your dilemma. In the past have your given as gifts any coasters? Or candy dispensers? They are adorable and really easy to make. If your interested please check out my Pinterest board labeled "gift ideas" and Christmas to see what I'm talking about. I hope this helps! Good luck!

  3. I have got a ton of things pinned, just not enough time to make them all LOL. I do have the coasters pinned and want to make some of those. Figure they will be super easy and fast.

  4. 5 weeks! Yikes! I am right there with you - where has the time gone? I about had an anxiety attack today when I saw a forum post titled, "Only 18 Days until Black Friday"!