Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Basic Grey Warehouse Sale

Did anyone get the Basic Grey warehouse box? Well I did! Actually got two of them. I forgot to take pictures of the stuff to post but man oh man there was a ton of stuff! I got to complete sets of paper, Phoebe was one of them and can't remember the other. There was a ton of single sheet paper from probably 20 different lines. Some of them I already had and others I had a few sheets and then a few I had none of. I got all kinds of embellishments from buttons, chipboard albums, rub-ons, stickers *okie makes an exception on stickers when it comes to Basic Grey* and doily paper.

My friend Carmen got two boxes as well and from what she told me her boxes had completely different things. We both got greeting card kids, mine was from Hopscotch and then a Christmas set. Carmen got Oxford and Hello Luscious. She even got a few things from some of their newer lines...making me totally jelly!

I, of course, had to immediately start sorting mine and putting it away...completely forgetting to to take a few snapshots!! Luckily I caught Carmen before she put all of hers away and was able to get her to send me pictures of hers! When I asked her to do this I didn't know she was going to go into such detail but I am glad she did so you can see what wonderful goodies were in these boxes!

Here are all the pictures Carmen sent me...now look and drool! HA HA HA

 I got a few sheets of this Max and Whiskers collection. I had a few before so this will be a nice addition.
June Bug is a collection I was never able to get my hands on. I do have a few sheets I have found here and there and I got this sheet as well along with two others.
 My doily pages were different than these, think these are prettier than mine.
I am not a big sticker fan but I do have to say I love BG stickers since they go with the collections. I got a card kit from this collection while Carmen got stickers.
 Love this layout kit that Carmen got. I didn't get any of this collection.
 Fruitcake is a line from a few years back. I got some chipboard albums but mine were not this one. I can 't believe I have absolutely NO Fruitcake paper! LOL
My greeting card kit is with the Hopscotch line. I am not sure which this one is but you can never go wrong with these. If you are wanting to get someone who isn't very crafty a crafting gift these are great since they have all the pieces to make the cards and include the envies as well!
 Another great greeting card kit.
I did get the lacy embellies but not the other two that Carmen is showing.
 I don't think I got any woolies in my boxes but the ones that Carmen got are nice.
 More embellies that Carmen got in her boxes.
Carmen said she doesn't have any of the Cupcake paper that the chip stickers go with, I might be able to talk her out of those since I do have a few sheets of that collection! HA HA HA
 I think all the boxes had sticker alphabets, I got several sheets myself. I don't use a whole lot of these but they are great for adding to layouts.
I did get both of these embellies. I don't know what I will use the baby stickers for but I do have the paper line that the Varnish stickers to with.
 Green At Heart is a collection I have and I got a few sheets of this one as well but not the same as the ones Carmen got.

 Curio are the bottom sheets and I got those as well.
 Lauderdale is a great collection that I got some extra sheets of to add to my full collection.

 This collection is Mellow and was the very first collection I ever bought and got me hooked on Basic Grey!
Origins is a good collection for more masculine layouts and projects.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I always wondered what you got in the boxes. Guess I'll have to try it next time. Happy Thanksgiving. :)

  2. Wow I missed that sale, you got some good stuff.