Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Will Not Let The Heat Stop Me!

If you guys remember, last summer it was so hot all summer long I never got any crafting done. It was completely miserable from the end of May until the end of August and I think during that time the town I live in had 5 days where it didn't reach over 100 degrees. Well that wonderful hellacious weather has hit again *okie sigh a deep exasperating sigh*. I am bound and determined not to let the hot weather stop me again, especially since I just spent all that time reorganizing my craft room!

I think I might have made a remedy to beating the heat so I can craft. I decided to get a fan and put it directly in front of the ac unit and point it at me. This is providing some much cooler air where I sit but the problem becomes that my little pieces of paper want to go flying off the table and across the room.

Me being the genius I am, figured out that my laptop can actually act as a barrier for the smaller pieces and keep them from flying off the table and then I can just slide it over to unblock the air when I am ready to work on larger pieces. I did have to move my Cricut so it didn't block the air but that I can deal with for sure!

I probably won't be posting in new crafts for awhile since I am working on a card set. Ya'll know how I never like to go back and redo a card set but I have had multiple requests for the Naughty Princess set so actually making them again *okie closes her eyes and shakes her head knowing she has lost her ever lovin mind*. I did get my Cinderella's completed last night, not the cards, just the images. I wanted to show you guys how I do the eyes on the Princess cuts since they are so hard to work with due to the small size. I cut the white and with the whole piece left on the mat I add the color with a Stampin Up marker and then lift off the paper. This way I don't have to worry about trying to hold the small piece and coloring it. It also gives me a little more control with the ink.

Here is Cinderella put together and you can see how the eyes turned out. It sure saves a lot of time, pain and heartache by doing it this way and avoiding going blind from trying to glue that teeny tiny iris on the whites of the eyes. She is cut at 4" and I don't think I would ever try cutting her any smaller.

I also add shading to her using a Stampin Up marker. Trying to do the shading with the chalk ink would cause me to have a nervous breakdown I am afraid and the marker still gives a nice shaded effect.

Okay I am off to work in the heat today and probably come home and pass out on the couch for a bit before I start on Sleeping Beauty...that dirty whore!


  1. I'm glad you found a way to deal with the heat. It would have been a long, boring summer with no Okie posts;-)

  2. too funny but so true about the eyes...those little pieces kill me every time. try to stay cool

  3. Way to go, Cinderella's eyes are lovely! Great idea to color them, and I agree, trying to cut out and assemble those tiny pieces is nothing short of a major challenge.

    Bravo, it looks like you've conquered the heat issue ... stay cool Shirley, and happy crafting!


  4. I just love your Naughty series of cards. They crack me up so much that I nearly splits my side.
    Stay cool girl.

  5. Hello! I love reading your bog entries. They are always such a day brightener. I found you when you did the original naughty princess series. Between that and your wonderful blog entries, I have kept coming back for a while. Thank you for all you do. You are amazing !!!

  6. as a fellow Okie (Tecumseh/Bethel/Shawnee area), I so feel your pain with the heat. I was so hoping that last yrs weather would not be a repeat for this yr. Not much of a brake we are getting already. Outside work is done before 8 am, water, mow, pull weeds, work animals and then out again at 8pm to repeat process and try to get it all done before the sunsets.
    I enclosed my garage a few yrs back but wasn't able to duct the air out there, and with only one window I refused to add a window unit to block what little natural light that comes in. I have a box fan that blows in the bought air, rolled up the carpet 'cause the cement is cooler and if there was a tv out there I would probably spend my whole day in there.
    Love your card and post.