Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bullying - When People Cry Wolf

This is a commentary post about a situation that has happened recently, and also a historical situation. I feel that if someone is going to yell bully and start telling everyone someone is a bully they should first disclose about their own behaviors. Being assertive is not being a bully, however responding with derogatory comments and language when someone says they will file a dispute if they are not sent the product they ordered or a refund, then that is being a bully.

Recently my friend Linda, aka LGuild, was accused of being a bully on Facebook. While I will admit Linda would like to bully me sometimes I find that different since I do the same to her. In all serious matters neither of us feel like bullying is something that people should do. The woman told Linda she was a bully and was going to add Linda to her petition of bullies in the crafting world.

So a little background on the situation...Linda made a purchase from an Angela Holt on May 8th for some Graphic 45 paper and matching stamps. She waited for WEEKS for her items and tried to contact the woman several times. Well finally the woman did contact Linda, after Linda finally communicated to the woman that she was going to file a dispute with her credit card company, and started telling Linda that she was a bully and was going to add her name to the list she has on her petition Stop Bullying Among Crafters, and I guess since has added Linda. Here is Angela's little Preamble of her petition:
I Angela Holt have been in the crafting industry for 13 years. I have fallen victim for the past 5 months to Adult cyber bullying from grown adult crafters in this industry. Many of you have read my story.

Due to this behavior and vicious antics these people have taken, I have had to close down my store, my blog, my twitter, my live show for 3 years, my ning site and more. The crafting community on a professional level has gotten a bad taste in their mouth and have found it a risk to work with me due to the constant phone calls and harassing emails that were sent to each company and sponsor I was associated with by these women claiming me as a fraud, as scammer, not sending out products and any other fabricated lie they deemed fit to tell.

They have also claimed all my work to be copyrighted and stolen. They have taken every avenue to to destroy me in order to feed their vicious vindictive childish sick behavior.

My rep, my business and my crafting career has all been compromised.

 She made a post on Linda's wall but deleted it but in the post she called Linda an "Old bitchy bittie". I went in and commented about the post saying "I don't know if I think it is hilarious or sad. Obviously the woman has some issues. Now that you told me her OTHER name I remember her well. She didn't want to cross me because I knew too many people on the Cricut MB and I got my items from her. I know there were others that never did." Not long after this Angela went in a deleted her comment on Linda's wall. 

Now let me tell ya a little story about this woman...A few years back she went by Kelli Holt on the Cricut Messageboard. She wanted to start a business and gathered up some members to help buy in bulk some items so she could get started. She contacted me as asked if I knew anyone would be interested in such a group and since a lot of people on the Cricut messageboard knew me and trusted me she thought it would help her. We all made our orders so she would know how much to order and then sent her the money. I luckily sent via Paypal, sadly some others did not. We waited and waited and waited. Finally when we had enough we all decided we needed to take action and started telling her we were going to file disputes with Paypal and or our banks. At one point the sheriff was called and people were looking into how to file small claims disputes, knowing it was going to cost them more they didn't want others to be victims of scams. She contacted me and told me please allow her to send my items, which she finally did. She didn't want me to file a dispute because she would lose Paypal privileges. She also wanted to me to post and write about how I received my items and she was reputable and I told her I would after all the others received their items or refunded their money, some never did so I would not say she was reputable. And actually I would not have said she was reputable but only said that we all had finally received our items or refunds. One thing she said to me was that she didn't want me saying she cheated me because I had too many people who liked me and it would ruin her.

There is so much to this story and I am too lazy to type it all out but I have some ideas of my own about this whole situation....

If someone wants to know where their product is or they would like a refund then they are not being a bully, they are being assertive. 

If someone goes and leaves a message on another's Facebook wall using derogatory language and comments then that is being a bully. 

If someone is not following through and keeping in contact with their customers then they are being untrustworthy. 

If someone changes their name several times after having bad business transactions, they are not to be trusted.

So I plead to my readers, please be careful when signing petitions, try to find out the whole story before you become part of such movements or  support such people who make themselves out to be a victim. In my opinion the woman has scammed others in the past and has not changed her methods. If she was not scamming, again in my opinion, she wouldn't have changed her name from Kelli Holt to Angela Holt and now to Angie Holt. 

Just remember sometimes when people cry "BULLY" they are actually crying wolf!

***disclaimer: events are factual and therefore no defamation is involved in this post. I type my own feelings and thoughts on my website as well as my own experiences***

I have been contacted by several crafters since posting this on here this morning who have told me they too have been called a bully by this woman. Evidently she has even go as far as hacking into people's accounts and posting things that looks like it was from them. 



  1. Way to go girl. The truth always has a way of being told.

  2. WOW how sad I guess there is
    bad all over.

    you are a great and loyal friend


  3. Thanks for the info!!! What a horrible person, now I'm forewarned! Hugs, Brigitte

  4. Thanks. I only heard part of the story from a 3rd party and knew it wasn't the whole story. There are always at least 2 sides to a story and we would all be wise to remember that.

  5. Thanks Okie, You just might save someone a lot of heart ache!!!
    Nobody did this to HER!!! She did it to herself.

  6. Thanks you I also purchase a kit from her and never received it. I didnt even worried about getting it anymore. Now I know why.
    I will be praying for her that's all I can do.

  7. Thank you for your post I almost fell into her lies, but my best friend warned me about her so I deleted her from my Fb page

  8. Oh I remember her well!! I never ordered from her but do remember everyone's problems when they did back then. I am sadden to know that she is still out there scamming people. I hope Linda gets her things she ordered, but I guess I won't hold my breath on that. Definitly watch out for this lady-if you can call her a lady!

  9. Oh I remember her well Oakie! She is a piece of work. I'm sorry to hear that Linda ordered from her and I sure hope that Linda gets her things, but I won't hold my breath on it. I remember oh so well when she was on the mb. I never ordered anything from her but I know a lot of people did. I felt their pain back then. Yes, beward of this lady, if that is what you want to call her.

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  14. Wow, just wow!
    I guess it tales all kinds, thanks for the info.

  15. wow, thanks for the information!

  16. Wow... i have one word for this woman ....PSYCHO.... LOL

    You go girl...tell it like it is. I would have done the same thing, I'm relentless that way!!!!

  17. WOW ... thanx for the heads up. It's amazing what some people think they can get away with. I have not personally delt with this woman in the past ... and I sure won't now!

    Bravo to you Shirley for posting this!


  18. So sad that that poor women is so insecure and hateful that she has to try to spread it to others.
    Thanks Okie. It is so easy to get sucked in by these kinds of people.

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  21. Not only does she sound like a BAD con artist but a little nuts too! Linda, I am so sorry you've had to expirence this. Okie, you rock!

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  23. Here's Mai Larsen Creando Con Detalles Fake Blog. She is a dangerous person and one that can't be trusted.

    Here is her new fake blog under a new name now jabezdesign with digital images that are copyrighted from a seller on Etsy and images from Bo Bunny and Canvas Corp isn't sponsoring her so she is lying about being sponsored by them. We all know you just don't pop up out of no where and get sponsored by companies that you have never participated in anything let alone never followed them on FB or blogs and more. We all know you have to build a relationship with companies and their trust to represent them and we all also know that companies don't sponsor FB Groups. She claims to be an artist and some girl Janza yet none of them have any business license let alone paid for copy right. Cause when your an artist or digital designer for each design you have to pay a fee to protect each work. And she will only use your personal credit card information to gain a family history and background check and to try and black people just so she can get ahead of the game. Just sit back if you don't believe me and watch who she will have drama with next. Every month she becomes a victim every month she claims people have done her wrong which no one has done anything to her. She never wanted to sign a contract with the sisters which is why she stole their FB Acct never giving it back. Mai Larsen just trying to make money thinking she will become rich. She teamed up with Diane Maldonado who owns her own Spanish sentimental stamps business and turned her against the sisters and once Mai didnt get what she wanted from her she turned around and bashed Diane Maldonado and used her design team to do her dirty work for her. The list of woman Mai Larsen has targeted is a long list. Yet Mai Larsen loves to claim to be the victim. But I'ma put an end of Mai Larsen claiming to be such a victim tonight. She is one of the biggest bullies in the Craft Community.

    Here's my old FB that's where I put them all on blast and warned everyone what they where all up to and to be careful.

    1. How funny how this person made all these false claims and yet she is the same individual that was arrested by the FBI for scamming the Sandy Hook family of Noah, saying she was his aunt. This person is not only a heartless scammer, but a liar, and con artist. Can you please remove this post. This person was arrest Dec 17 for scamming the Sandy Hook families, and also Hurricane Sandy Relief. She lied to the FBI about her involvement in the scam, and I don't want my name mixed with hers.

  24. very eye opening indeed. thanks for posting this! Wish I had known. I, unfortunately, had pre-ordered distress markers from her. Of course they got delayed from manufacturer, but then when every one else/stores were getting theirs, I began questioning. I cancelled my order with Angela on May 29th and have not received the refund. I dont expect I will. Today, I asked formally for a money order since supposedly her paypal was shut down. Her responses were that I was creating drama and she was not a child. LOL She immediately blocked me from the 2 facebook pages I know about and her blogs are gone or either blocked to me. You decide.

  25. WOW! Thanks for the heads up.

    We have to be on the alert for scams. Isn't it sad that there are those out there that just want to take advantage of others!

    Marjorie from TX

  26. Thank you for clearing this up for me. I was getting confused as to who was the victim or perpetrator. Once again, you came through for your readers.

  27. Nice to know the other side of the story. I read her petition on FB but didn't sign. What she described was awful, but her manner of description, the foul language, etc left a bad taste in my mouth. It just didn't feel right.

    Michelle R.

  28. My blog tells the WHOLE is ULGY....I am still in the process of LEGAL PROCEEDINGS against a TERRIBLE BULLY THAT IS CRYING THE VICTIM AND DOING A VERY GOOD JOB AT IT....There are FAKE screen shots, altered photos and more making it look like I DID THINGS TO THIS PERSON and I NEVER DID one of them....I SIMPLY CALLED THIS PERSON OUT ON HER UNETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES AND SHE DID NOT LIKE IT! My life has been changed forever by the HORRIBLE things this person has done to me AND A FEW OTHERS I AM FRIENDS WITH HERE ONLINE...I chose to post on my blog in an attempt to WARN OTHERS so that they do not fall victim as I have by this CON ARTIST that is VERY GOOD at what they are doing....I do not mention any names as I am still LEGALLY collecting all of my information but there IS a substancial amount of PROOF on my blog....I HOPE YOU WILL TAKE THE TIME TO READ THROUGH IT AND SHARE IT AS A MEANS OF SAVING OTHERS THE ORDEAL THAT I HAVE GONE THROUGH AT THIS PERSONS HANDS...ONLY TOGETHER AS AN ARMY are we going to STOP this person and let her know THIS IS NOT OK!

  29. Wow! That is so sad and awful that this lady would do that. Crafting is a way for people to express themselves and containing memories in a beautiful artsy way. Way to Okie for standing up for yourself and your friend. I follow your blog daily. This 'Angie Holt' person is doing reverse bullying and should be ashamed for not supplying people the products they purchased or a refund. That is not fair and very uncrafty :( Thanks for the post and if the name is not Tim Holtz I dont think I will be ordering anything from a person with the last name Holt ;)

    Thank for the info

  30. Thanks for warning us about this woman Okie!!!!

  31. I don't know the real story, at this point I don't care. It just seems to have turned into a poo slinging match.

    Just live your life and do your craft! Unless it effects you DIRECTLY and personally and you have PROOF, screencaps and such... don't get involved!

    I say that as someone who is remaining neutral because I don't know what the dea is and just dont want drama in my life, nor reading it on blogs I follow.

    Theres enough drama in life, without stirring more of it up online with our hobby which is supposed to be fun!

    I for one and out for the count on all sides and think a lot of people just need to reflect on why they are doing these things, and seek help for their need of drama, I say this to everyone involved, again being neutral and not taking sides.

    Please just get back to more important things!

  32. thanks so much for posting this. it's good to know about situations like this. it is just crazy that there are people out there that can do this kind of thing!

  33. JMHO but if now one ever stands for what is right and "stirs it up" so to speak then the real truth never comes out and these people can continue to scam others. Just sayin.

  34. Shelley you are so right! I posted what I did because of what happened to my friend Linda, we have known each other for a few years and believe me I trust Linda's word a lot better than the Holt woman's!

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  36. wowww, i just read this!!! she is doing horrible things to me too =(

  37. Wow..... this is from 2012 and I know for a fact she is still doing this to people today...... so sad!

  38. Amazing cant belive ive just come across this post she has been bullying a friend of mine recently and the lengths she will go to is unbelievable fortunately my friend has a lot of support and is very resilient but if this is from a long time ago who knows who she will pick on next. So sad I hope this lady finds some healthy way of dealing with her internal issues one day, thanks for this post its definitely clear to see where the problem lies.

  39. So glad I believed in a few friends of mine that Holt attacked and called names on her blogs, you tube video's and such, when I asked my friend what was going on and she told me, I had decided to believe my friend over the bullying starter, this here just confirms all the other people telling me what holt had done to them over 2 years, I chose to be on the right side of creating and crafting with those that are in it to help, build, and encourage others.. Thanks for your blog

  40. OMG I have to admit, I didn't know who was telling the truth, and it was oh no not again, oh no not another video and this is going to be my last video and she goes on and on. yes you've guessed it, Angela holt.
    how many times can one person say she is being bullied, its a repeat pattern, and its been going on for years now....above is proof of that.
    now either she is a very unlucky person or she is doing this for her own selfish reasons, maybe she loves the attention it brings, and a lot of peeps say its to up her subs and ratings. or maybe she is one of these people who loves the drama and cant help herself. then there is her gofundme for some money for a new phone, so she can make videos, this video popped in the middle of it all. since then she has received happy mail, which she says herself its the first for a very very long time, but then its one of her own dear friends who sent it to her. I just checked her gofundme and I cant find it so it may have been closed by her now. she does have a video out there asking for help to buy a new phone so she can make better videos.
    this is the first time I have commented on any of these storms, as I said, I and many others don't or didnt have a clue who to believe as they have all told a good story.
    that was until I seen vixcrafts video
    I do not have any connection to this lady. but boy she sure has done her homework on Angela Holt and of Angela's many alias's. her false face book snapshots, etc. but the best is how did she answer her own question, before her alias even asked it? she answered a question 8 minutes before the question was asked....... Vicky mcclean (vixcraft) can prove it. its there in black and white, and more so it was Angela holt own work. she got sloppy she didn't black out the time. Angela must be kicking herself right now.
    I do hope this is an end of it, and all we see is crafting videos again. I do feel sorry for these ladies whose lives have been hell because of Angela holt lies and deceit. its not right, and she gets away with it time and time again, but this time she got caught, by her own sloppiness so I expect she will bury herself now in her crafting and we will hear no more until the next time. she has to run out of lives, eventually.
    but I ask myself, who do I feel sorry for the most? I would say it was Angela Holt, is she ill?, is she lonely?, is she a passive liar and cant help herself?. she does have some mental health problems, no doubt about that in my book. she has too. she thrives on drama, and loves to play the victim of her own web of lies and alias. but unfortunately she cant see this in herself and acknowledge she needs help.