Friday, June 15, 2012


I received a message from a friend who let me know that the Holt woman found out about my blog post, which guess she is a fan of mine, and posted a comment on her Facebook page...


Angela Holt

WELL WELL WELL!!! I wake up to another hate mail this morning!!! Run over and check this shit out!!! My new blog is not even safe!!!! The Hell with this shit!!!! I cant even come back without drama----> I have never in my life been a part of any cricut board let alone sell the shit!!!! WTH|?!!!!!

Kelli Holt? Who the hell is Kelli Holt? I have never been kelli holt?

YOu know what FUCK IT@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I"M DONE!!!

I was unable to have someone take a screen shot because she either deactivated her account. I don't know what blog she was referring too but I think she might drive up traffic to my blog and for that I say "THANK YOU ANGELA!!". I always enjoy getting new readers. Okay, I will give her that I do not know for sure that she is indeed Kelli Holt, but that still didn't address the issue of her not sending others their items in a timely fashion, such as my friend Linda and then her putting them on a bully list for being assertive and wanting to know where the product was or give a refund. Notice she only focused on denying she was Kelli Holt, she did not deny any of the rest.

But what I am excited about is that her petition is now closed, or in her words "The petition is no closed" (sic). I am sure she will likely start another one. I did find it interesting that there were many anonymous signatures on the petition, as well as only 143 signatures whereas she told Linda she had almost 3,000 signatures. I never have been a genius at math but I don't think even the best algebraic equation can turn 143 into 3,000. As far as I know only Jesus can do such magnification multiplication and I am quite sure He wouldn't bother with a petition.

Folks, I have been around for almost 5 years and have interacted with thousands of people via my blog, messageboards and Facebook. If I start saying things that are out of character for me then you might take it with a grain of salt because evidently other people who have tried to expose this woman have been hacked. You guys know me, trust me and know how I say things so if you ever doubt I said something well you just ask me and we will get it straightened out.


  1. I haven't said much to this point because I don't usually get involved in "drama". This isn't drama, this is just BullCrap that this woman is attacking people when they ask to receive their purchase. I was a subscriber of her page and there have been MANY MANY people who can't get their money back because her PayPal account has been frozen because of all the complaints (or that is her excuse anyway). Now that her page is deactivated and her PayPal frozen, where will that leave people who have not been reimbursed? Yet, rather than focus on the real problem - that people want to get what they paid for, she is once again more concerned with what others are saying and creating more drama for herself.

  2. I don't often comment on much of anything, but this woman is certifiably insane with how she enjoys playing the victim and bringing attention to herself!

    Narcissistic doesn't even begin to cover it, she needs professional help.

    I hope no one else falls for her shenanigans and I have always appreciated you calling anything how it is.

  3. The Paypal account she used on my transaction was she must have started a new account.

    This person has some serious issues going on in her life! Talk about a persecution complex!

  4. Omgosh sorry you guys are going through this. I was one of the lucky ones. I was able to get paypal to refund me for her CHA scam that she tried to pull on me. I am so glad that I jumped on that one fast. She contacted me last Saturday, and the odd thing is that I had told her not to contact me and she continues to try to find a way. This time she went to my personal email and sent a message by a Patrica Mills and within minutes of me asking who was it she came on with Alteredpage. I honestly think this person is not right.

  5. From what I have read (from all parties), I do not care one single bit if her name is Angela, Angie, Kellie or TrashyToungedTilly ... regardless, she is a very rude, foul-mouthed individual (notice how I selectively did NOT use the word "lady"?) that is NOT behaving in a very professional, ethical or reputable manner. I do not care to have any dealings with her of any kind ... now or EVER.

    Thanx again for your post Shirley!


  6. It amazes me how low some people will stoop just to get attention. They must have a very sad life. I am so very glad that you let us know to avoid her and, since she is so quick to change her name in effort to scam more people, I will be sticking only with sellers that I have had personal previous experience.

    Thanks for exposing the truth and please don't let this sad person get to you.

  7. There was so much of this with her before, I haven't been on the mb for a while and just assumed when I didn't see her anymore that she went away. What a mistake in believing that! I hope that I never run across her and I pray that she is stopped before scamming more innocent people! Yes, Okie you have been around as long as I have and I believe you totally! Plus I remember this all to well.

  8. Shirley,
    I don't know how I came to read these blog posts at this point, so many months later, but it is indeed eye-opening to see another perspective on this old drama. I am one of the people who signed the petition, without knowing anybody involved, and I feel as though I was duped. I heard about it through another online friend who I respected...and I think she has since had her eyes opened as well. Since the petition is closed I have no way of removing my name,comment, or image.

    I remember you from the Cricut message board so many years ago - I think there were less than 1,000 people on it when I used to participate there! It has been so long since I posted that I no longer "exist" there - I think I got lost in the switch to the current boards/site. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I admire your integrity is supporting your friend...and craft on!