Friday, June 15, 2012

I Got A Threatening Email

After posting about the petition being closed I got an email from the Holt woman. Since the email is mine I can share it with the public and so I shall. I really don't think of all of this is drama since I don't do drama but rather sharing some interesting reading with my readers.

I am sure my local police will be here to arrest me at 8am sharp. I will make sure I have on a pot of coffee and show them hospitality while they write up the charges. Many of my friends have said I should also offer them donuts.

Here is the email...

First my name is Angela Holt and not Kelli Holt!! My nickname is Angie and I have every right to use it!!! Second, I have never done anything to you, said anything about you or even follow you!!! I have never followed or endorsed provocraft products. I have never signed up for any blogs, groups etc... that pertains to provocraft. Third, I showed my lawyer your post:

***disclaimer: events are factual and therefore no defamation is involved in this post. I type my own feelings and thoughts on my website as well as my own experiences***

It has been advised that you better have proof of everything that you have posted if you want the above statement to hold up in court. I'm done with this bullying!!! Also you are breaking the law when you re-post screen shots of someones accounts etc,,, you are violating my Privacy, therefore breaking the law against the privacy act!!! Check link and get educated!![1]=1&action_results=Go

Also, your friend failed to tell you that the Graphic 45 paper just was released yesterday to smaller retailers. I explained this to her and she failed to get the memo. I will be sending a statement from my representative explaining about the delay to you so that you can continue to break the law and post my information.

Also, it sickens me that you would even do this to me, a fellow crafter, and a human being that has never done one thing to you!!! Can you tell me what I have done to you? NO you can't because there is nothing!!!

Your friend failed to mention to you what rude remarks she said to me on facebook. But like always everything is fabricated and taken out of context and you have only lies to post. I admit calling her that name on in defense of her behavior. Also attached to this email is the paypal where I sent her money back on JUNE 1st!!!! . I bet she failed to tell you that one too!!!

So not only have you got yourself in trouble with my lawyer which is contacting your local police department on Monday to let them know of your behavior and the postings on your blog, you have dragged your friend LINDA into this in which will be contacted also!!! I have been battling this bullying crap for 4 months with people telling vicious lies and I'm done being nice. I have a complete file with my lawyer and each posting, email, blog, faebook page etc.... is noted and will be put into action!!! I have tried to be nice and show people who are the true root of this evil and no one listens! The reason I took the petition down was due to the harassment emails.

And not one of you dam people can set there and tell me what I have done to you!!!!! But you will have your chance in court to prove it!!! 

Angela Holt

PS ***disclaimer: events are factual and therefore no defamation is involved in this email!!! I have the right to prove people in the wron 

I also responded to her email saying:

The link you sent me is for New Zealand so not sure how it pertains to me. But okay.....

As for the police, okay I'll wait for them to show up.

I received the following auto response...

If you are a business contacting me, I will contact you when needed.
If you are a friend, then you know of these changes
If you are a sick, twisted low life piece of shit bully (AND YOU KNOW YOU ARE) KISS MY ASS!!!!!

Sorry peeps that are honest!!! But I done with this crap!!!!

I am sure my local police will be here to arrest me at 8am sharp Monday morning. I will make sure I have on a pot of coffee and show them hospitality while they write up the charges. Many of my friends have said I should offer them donuts as well.

I did have one reader comment on a previous post that she didn't like all this drama on blogs she visits and she is entitled to her feelings and comments. I have always said I don't always post crafting, it's Scrap N' More...and well, this is part of the MORE *okie smiles*. Many of my readers have shared they like to hear about my personal life and I don't mind sharing some of my self with my readers.


  1. Hmm...the attachment she sent shows May 18th as the date, not June 1st. Plus it doesn't say it's a refund, at the bottom it says :

    "Paypal has placed a temporary hold we'll contact you later with further information."

    I think this must be something she generated on her computer. NOTHING has been posted in MY Paypal account since the original payment I sent to her on May 8th.

  2. I have to say that it is, IN FACT, Angela Holt who is the bully. To threaten you with the police for an opinion posted on your own blog is ABSURD and down right STUPID! Maybe if she would refund the money owed to people there wouldn't be an "issue"! Now she is just ticking me off! I know Linda well enough to know that she may have been upfront in telling this person what her plans were if the problem wasn't solved (file w paypal or her credit card company) but there is no threat in that, just fact.

    If she contacts you again can you tell her that youh friend has a bed available at the psych hospital???

  3. As a retired police officer can I suggest that you have some bagels and juices for the officers...some fruit might be nice too.......

  4. I forgot that Carrie works for a psych hospital! LOL! Wonder if she could negotiate a "referral" rate for her?

  5. Heck, Just make it a full continental breakfast..

  6. Okie, is this the same lady that scammed someone on the Cricut MB and claimed her MIL died but had actually manipulated the obituary?

  7. Okie, I have been sitting down waiting for the cops too, but the funny thing is that I filed 3 FBI Cyber Bullying, 3 Attorney General reports, tons of police reports against, and not to mention a lawyer now. So, she is soooo full of herself! I wonder who helped her type that up, because whoever it was are not aware that posting screenshots is something she has been doing in order to bully others and altering them. She is good at all that mess. I worked for a Behavioral Health Hospital and I will most definitely agree they belong in a mental hospital for evaluation. It is definitely not normal behavior.

  8. Creando she posted comments to my blog and I deleted them, where she was accusing you of the behavior she has. Little did she know I already had people contact me about how she had done the things to you!

  9. WHOA ... Your Ms. Holt appears to be quite the drama queen. Me thinks she doth protest too much. Not to mention too loud, too vulgar, too rude, etc. (She does have a bit of a "potty mouth", doesn't she?)

    It's pretty amazing that she has your local law enfourcement officers jumping to do her bidding. Apparently she is a very powerful person and a real force to be reckoned with. (((gasp)))

    I am curious what she thinks the local police will do? Tell you that you've been a bad girl and put you in time out? Perhaps make you stand in the corner? Or maybe wash your mouth out with soap (or in this case, wash your typing fingers off with soap)? And all this because you stated FACTS and personal opinions on your blog? OMG, the SHAME ... the HORROR!

    She would serve herself well to curtail her distribution of threatening e-mails, name calling and efforts to tarnish someone's character or reputation. She is playing with fire and is about to get badly burned.

    In the mean time ... when those friendly officers arrive, be sure to offer them napkins too ... I'd hate to see those nice officers return to the field with powdered sugar or jelly donut residue soiling their lovely uniforms.

    Ohhhhh ... and if they do arrive, TAKE PICS! Those will be some scrapbook pages that I simply must see! (wink)


  10. Wow, that is just pathetic.

    Hang in there Okie!

  11. I was ROFL so hard reading all this!! I love your candor and responses. You know it just has to make her have temper tantrums. I actually started reading the later posts you made today and worked my way down to here. LOL Well I can see right through those emails too. For a few things: Angela always used 3-5+ exclamation points per sentence, had numerous misspellings and grammatical errors, and hardly ever used capital letters for the beginning of her sentences in all the communications I had with her and most recently trying to get my money back. Oh yeah, she is always "done" with it all. Funny thing is... if she were honest as she claims, the solution to refund people's money is so super easy and so simple.... go to the post office to get money orders to send to people. Heck, they are even open on Saturdays! She already has her money from me (as opposed to what she claims... that Paypal is holding her money. My statement from Paypal shows money was transferred to her via 2 seperate web payments to some account way back in January and March for deposit and final payment. She owes me $100.99. That amount of money is not the end of the world for me, but I don't like people stealing either. Guess my hundred bucks helped pay for that fancy Florida beach trip she took in May. But I digress... When I asked for a refund via a money order, she claimed I was causing drama and immediately deleted/blocked me from her facebook. Really? Now, that is so professional. I've worked in retail too. It's so very simple to send out a refund. Paypal is not the only method on the face of the Earth. Hopefully, by me posting about my inability to get a refund will prevent someone else from being scammed. I'll let you know if I ever get my refund. I stuck by her all this spring, feeling bad for her 'bully' situation, but when she blocked me immediately upon asking for a refund... that told me right then and there the truth of the matter. Yep, I got scammed. And I learned that Paypal will only protect purchases for up to 45 days. I did send her an invoice for my $100.99 to so I'm glad to see by your posts that it is still an active email addy as of today. Of course she has not paid it. LMAO! I'll have to send her a reminder!

  12. Caroline, I believe that she has a new name Antellum Paperie. I felt the same way you did when I saw that she scammed me of a $100, I was lucky enough to have gotten my money back from Paypal, but if I were you I would stay on top of that, because Paypal has a way to get the money back from her.

    It's sad to know that people like her do not have any business etiquettes.

    True $100 is alot of money and I would be on top of PayPal. Let PayPal know that there is reason to believe that she has opened another PayPal account, because that is shaddy business.

    Good Luck!

  13. Okie, I saw the two deleted post and the thing about that individual is that I honestly don't know what her problem is. She comes off as a trustworthy person, but she has more personalities than fingers. I have numerous reports made on all her vicious attacks on me and my family. She has lied and created false screenshots and now from what it appears emails too. I have reported her to every agency I can think of and she doesn't want to admit to her wrongful acts.

    People like her do not like to be called her and when I called her out she turned into a vicious beast. She has not stopped lying and has hacked accounts posting terrible things about me and pretending to be me. First of all, I will not post anything on facebook that will and could hurt my family. I do not have their time on my hands, because it is apparent that they have nothing better to do with their time but to harrass innocent people.

    Also, people like them do not progress in life. They let their lives be consumed by negativity and that kind of behavior calls for immediate psych eval!

    I would hate to live their lives and know that where will be a day that they will not be judged by us, but by God! They can lie, cheat, steal, and torment others but they can't lie to GOD. They can't cover the sky with their two bare hands, because he can see it all.

    I'm so glad that you can expose them and that others can see that they are not who they say they are.