Monday, July 2, 2012

Disney Is A Menace!!

Since I am doing a total of 80 princess cuts it is taking me like...FOR EV ER! All those pieces are so menacing, okay well maybe just time consuming LOL. I am still not done with them all but only have 3 more to go and I do have all the pieces cut out. I was going to finish them last night but my friend Lisa came over and we watched a movie instead *okie figures that was a great way to get a break from sniffin the glue*.

These are the princesses I have left to put together. While I was cutting them out I thought about how to keep the pieces together so I grabbed a few of my empty Stampin Up Stamp Storage Cases and put the pieces in there. The very small pieces kike mouths, eyes, etc I put in small bags and then stuck in the case. I think I will lay all of them out and take a picture when I finally get done with them so you guys can see why I have had to dedicate so much time to making these and haven't been able to work on any other projects lately.

Oh a little update on my daughter....her moods are stablizing a little right now and as she said "Mom I am working on it" and I think she really has been trying to be more, uh, normal...for lack of a better word. She is going to her counseling sessions, which I think everyone could benefit from counseling at least for a few sessions, and told me "it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be". I am sure we will have a few family sessions and that is quite alright with me. Being a counselor myself I know the importance of family counseling and how it can make a whole world of difference but many times the parents always think it is the kids problem. Oh crap I think I might have just said it's all my fault! HA HA HA Seriously though, it shows support and does help with family relationships. She will be getting off her Depo Provera shot this month as well and I am in the belief the shot is causing a lot of the problem. I have to share, when I told my daughter that I had wrote about this situation on my blog before she just rolled her eyes and said "I'm not surprised", I think she has gotten use to me writing about our lives a bit. She smiled as I read her some of the comments of support.

Okie dokie folks, I will be at work when this posts...ya'll do know that is how I do most of my posts don't you? I write ahead most of the time and then schedule them. Hopefully it won't be as hot today as my clients like to have group outside at the picnic table under the shade tree. But if it is I will make them be inside, they won't like it and they will complain, but they will do it LOL.


  1. Okie, you really know how to work those princesses! Glad your daughter is feeling better and I hope she'll be back to her old self soon. In the meantime you all try to stay cool!

  2. Looks like you and I have the same idea in cutting out as many parts that we need and then putting them in a container. I keep mine in zip lock baggies and then put those in a plastic bin. I don't have the clear DVD containers (if that is what you are using --- looks like it) but my baggies work great. From the finished ones that I see, it looks like you are doing a great job. Of course you are Okie and you always do a great job. :)

  3. Those Disney cuts are a pain, but they usually turn out so cute! Glad to hear things are a little calmer on the personal front. Good luck, hope that keeps getting better. It really stinks when kids try to do the right thing and end hurting because of it.

  4. You have alit more patience than I do! I cringe at the thought of doing just ONE princess! And I shudder at the thought of doing 80!! I know in the end, it is worth it but damn! I couldn't do it! You aew a better woman than I. :)