Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Working Frantically On...

I haven't posted anything in a few days since I have been working frantically on finishing my stamp catalog. I finally finished it last night! I now have all my stamps stamped off for their cases and then on a sheet of paper so I can easily find what I want to use.

Several crafter's I know have said they have used this method and love it. I kept thinking about it and then thought about what an undertaking it would be to stamp them ALL. After Linda did hers and talked about how easy she can look through her stamps and find stamp she wants to use I figured I better bite the bullet and do the deed *okie thinks that sounds so nasty and the remembers all the inky fingers she had and realizes it was a nasty deed*.

I still have to figure out how I want to label the pages and the cases for easier identification when I want to use them. I thought about numbers but since I have my stamps in alphabetical order and if I add to the certain themes it would throw off my numbering system I feel like I need to find a different method where I can expand without redoing half the system.

I will take some pictures tonight and try to get it all posted tomorrow so you can see my awesome stamp organization!

I worked hard on this as I wanted to get it done before my cruise. I am not sure why I felt I needed to, don't think not getting it done would have had me so stressed that I wouldn't enjoy the cruise...just weird that way I reckon *okie watches for someone to say something smart about that comment* Go ahead, say sumfin! I DARE YA! *okie rears her hand back in smack mode*.


  1. Use a letter number combination. For example B1 would be your 1st case of birthday stamps. That is what I am planning. I love the idea of grouping them by theme by the way. That is exactly what I need. I have just completed a remodel of my craft room, and this is next on my list.

  2. I am dying to know how long this took you and how many stamps were involved. I have what I think of as a lot of stamps (even though I know it isn't really all that many) and I'm procrastinating about doing an index of them. I'd love to have one so I know what I have and where it is (I don't currently have a clue about either one of those things), but it makes me tired thinking about doing the stamping! I wouldn't have a clue how to label them either. Looking forward to your update on this one. Thanks.

  3. Yeah, since I got all the "turtle" foam and SU DVD cases finally, I'm starting on the first part of the project. I'll be needing deets on that index project next.
    STill need to know what to do about off-brand mounting foam not wanting to come off the rubber.

  4. PS instead of stamping all the stamps AGAIN (since you had to stamp them for the mounting foam) just lay the finished stamps out on the copier in categories or by DVD case, stamped foam side down and copy away!

  5. Way to go! Many of my clear stamps are still in the plastic envelopes they came in. I have to sift through the whole bunch to find the ones I want to use. I won't even get into how many wood mounted rubber stamps I need to unmount!

  6. I did my catalog last month I think... and love it!!! I have my stamps in cd cases and labeled each case, that label is also the one on the page of my catalog. I used a 5x7 3 ring binder so each of the stamps that is in the cd case fit great on one page and it is easy to move if I need to. Thank-you for sharing all that you do and for keeping your blog truly yours:) You are a special lady and you make me smile each and every post. Have lots of fun on your cruise (I know you will just because you are Okie!!!)

    Sandy R. MN

  7. Linda copied her images after she stamped them on her sheets for the DVD cases. I decided Memento ink was cheaper than printer ink and that is the reason I didn't want to copy mine. Since I already had the stamps laid out on the stamp blocks it was simple to just stamp it on the 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper.

  8. I try to do something like this with my Cricut cartridges. I use the marker and have it draw all the images it can cut onto white 12X12 paper. It's a pain in the hinney!! But when I'm looking for an image it makes things SO So much easier. I did like mom2h's comment about copying the images on the copier. That would clean up the process!!

  9. I love all the organization you share with us. I need to do this with my stamps. I have no idea what I have anymore. I have seperated my Inkadinkadoo and Studio G ect by theme but I just can't seem to seperate my SU and CTMH and others. I believe you made the jump and seperated them all. Since you did so, are you finding it alot easier to find just what you want?