Saturday, March 10, 2012

Baby Cards

My local bargain store, Walls, got a shipment of papercrafting items in a few months ago and I have posted about some of the great bargains I found when they first got the items in, but I still stop by there from time to time to browse and one time I found some really nice TPC baby stamps. I don't have a lot of baby stamps and I think it is because at my age my friends aren't having babies anymore and most of us are hoping that we will be able to put grandmahood off a few more years. Although my friend Lisa is a proud grandma and quite the sexy one too boot! The stamps are ones that can be found at Joann's and I believe the regular price is $9.99, I paid a whopping $2.40!

As you can see there are some duplicates in the set. I solved that problem very simply by giving the duplicates to Linda. She doesn't do a lot of baby cards either but she figured she could use some of the stamps for the cards she makes, and at her age she knows a lot of grandma's! *okie falls out her chair laughing*. I am going to stamp some of the onesies and scan those for Linda to use as well *okie figures she better put that on her to do list before she forgets*.

Supplies Used:
TPC Baby Boy stamp set
TPC Baby Girl stamp set
Little Yellow Bicycle Paper
Bo Bunny Paper
Stampin Up Cardstock
Stampin Up Markers
Memento Ink
Colorbox Chalk Ink
Circle Punches

I used the same layout for the cards so it made it easy to get 6 of each done quickly. I believe I got the layout idea off of Pinterest but since it's been a few weeks since I made these I am not really sure. I remember liking the layout because of the sentiment being stamped on a circle then tucked behind the layers of paper. I also used that same idea on a coffee card I did a few months back.

The coloring was easy and fast on both of the onesies since the image was simple and not too big. The colors for the onesies were chosen based on the colors of the papers I was using.


Today is laundry day at my house and I am hoping to get some more scrapbook kits made to take on the cruise for Karen and I to work on during the nightly crops so it will be a busy day. I hate doing laundry, or housework.....or cooking.... I think it is safe to say I would love a life of just going to work and then coming home to craft but I think that is something most crafters would dream of!


  1. Ooooh oooh super cute cards Shirley! Love the stamp sets too!

  2. Okie, I am going on the cricut cruise this year..yeah!!! you inspired me. I have a quick question, if you don't mind. What supplies should we take to crop in the evening..and...will they let us on with scissors in our supply bag?
    thanks in advance.

  3. Frannie!! It is a blast for sure. I am going to be post a list of things I will be taking soon. You can take scissors but make sure they are in your checked baggage and not your carry-on, the airlines won't allow it. Are you in the 2012 Facebook Group?

  4. You got that right Shirley. While I'm at work I dream about my craft table and what I could be doing. Funny I don't dream about work while I'm crafting .. funny how that all works out.

    Kathy Wyatt

  5. Oh these cards are so great and now ready on hand when needed. Love the two sets!

  6. I don't could technically become a grandma at any time now, right? It really is tons of fun, my kids gave me my first grandbabies this past year and wow did they, we have 4!! (The first was a set of identical girls, so super cute!)This time last year we had none! It's true what they say, it really is better being a grandma :)

  7. Cute cards. Nice and easy that will be great for those baby showers that tend to slip up on us. House work is not tops on my list either. It always seems that I get things all straight and then here comes that tornado called two grandsons if you get my drift.

  8. Cute cards! If you can figure out how to make that life work for you, please let me know. I'm even too tired to craft when I get home from work.

  9. Love the cards. Your very talented. Question, I'm new to going to crops and was wondering want are some of the things you try to take? How do you plan out what you are going to make?