Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I am alive

I had friends contact me to let me know others have been concerned about me and if I am okay. So thought I would post to let everyone know I am alive.

As far as being okay, well I will be but right now I just need some time to get my head on straight. There have been some things going on in my life and right now I am having to do some self therapy to over come these issues. I know it will take a little while and I know I will be okay, I always am. And one day I hope to be able to craft again.

To be honest crafting has always been one of my therapies and maybe that is part of my problem right now...I can't craft. It's just not the lack of motivation to do anything but it is also too hot to sit in the craft room and do anything. The craft room use to be a garage and I don't think it is insulated to well and it just isn't staying cool enough to craft. Matter of fact it is not the least bit cool. My friend Carmen from Houston can attest to that for me right now. She came through to get her dog that I kept for them for a week and she even said it was too hot in there to sit and try and do anything.

I actually thought about shutting down my blog until I am ready to craft again and then I figured what the heck...just leave it be for now.

I want to thank all of those who have voiced concerns. It really does mean a lot to me. I have gotten emails in the past where people have told me that they feel like they know me personally because of my writing style on my blog and also because I am *okie thinks crazy* open about my life and post many other things that go on besides just crafting. Not sure if I ever told you guys this but long ago I was a journalism major and an English major and although I don't write properly like I was taught *okie knows she sure wasn't ever taught to write her thoughts in italics* I still enjoy writing, er...typing, crap out. I am doing a lot of writing, or typing as the case may be, right now but nothing that would be needed to post on my blog. You guys would be screaming TMI TMI TMI!! *okie grins a little knowing it would happen*.

So just know that I do appreciate your concerns and I will be back to my old self in time.


  1. Hugs for you. Hope you get some relief from the heat soon. Hope that any and all other problems have a positive outcome.

  2. Whatever the issues are ... hang in there Shirley. When you are ready to, and can comfortably craft again ... we will be right here waiting for you.

    Sending lots of Hugz your way!

  3. You are loved and missed Okie, but so understand the time to get some self therapy. I will keep you in my prayers and hopefully this heat wave will move on that has 33 states in it's grip!! It has been hot here too and even the pool is like a hot tub!! LOL So no refreshing swim there. Anyway take your time and we will be here when you are ready!!! Hugs!

  4. Sending you happy, and COOL thoughts! Hang in there, Okie! Many days your posts are MY therapy! Luv ya, girl!

  5. Will be praying that things go well for you. I have always enjoyed your blog and will miss it until your return.

  6. Ahhh OKie. Sounds like you need one of those NON-Window air conditioners. If you get that room nice and frosty, or at least cool, maybe the motivation will start to flow. You guys down there have had an awful summer with the heat. I know we are whining up here but it's been a little cooler and we've had rain! Just take care of yourself!

    Kathy Wyatt

  7. I don't know what you have going on, but this heat is making me cranky and tired and just wanting to sleep all the time. I am having trouble concentrating on one thing for very long. I am eating poorly because I don't even want to get out and go make groceries in this heat. Even the pool is like bathwater. Hopefully this horrible dome of high pressure will be moving out of our area soon. We can make it just a few more weeks, right???

    Rhonda, wilting in AR

  8. Okie - we'll be here when you are ready to jump back into the blogasphere!!! I sure hope things go better for you - remember, that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger!

    Stay tough!

  9. I have been concerned and will be looking forward to when you start posting again. Take care of yourself-- cause no one else will

    Will be praying for you

  10. I hope all goes well for you. I have checked your blog daily to be sad that you didn't post. You are in my thoughts and I hope to see you back soon. Hugs, Sheri :)

  11. Big Hugs and I hope you are feeling crafty soon - you are a huge inspiration to the blogging community!!! Get well and we will think about you often!

  12. Thanks for checking in! You have been missed, and you are LOVED and I'm sending kind thoughts and prayers to help you overcome your obstacles!!

  13. Aw, Okie! Thanks for letting us know. I hope you're doing well and I LOVE your writing style.

  14. Glad to see your post Okie, sorry that things aren't going the way you would like them to. We'll be here whenever you're ready to play again. Thoughts and hugs to you, eileen

  15. I hope you will be better soon!!! I think you're my therapy, lol!!! I always laugh when I read your blog. Except for today, I'm just worried about you.
    Big hugs

  16. oooweee I can totally connect and sweat with you on crafting in a garage turned scrap room. My hubby built me a little space in 2001 in the garage and even tho he did insulate it was blazing HOT in the summer and freezing in winter. And I live in SoCal,I know I'm sucha sissy,lol. I've been watching the heat wave everyone is having,except us this time...for now.Stay where it's cool like in your pool with a margarita or 3.No cricut tho, something about electrical devices and water my eletrician hubby said,LOL. Luv ya...hey maybe just blog at 3am.

  17. I had a very hard time myself several years ago. Just make sure that everyday you do something you really enjoy-talking to friends, chatting with your kid, whatever. I found that having at least one thing to hold on to got me through. And I agree with everyone else- I adore your sense of humor and we will be happy to see you back in the blogosphere.

  18. Glad you are alive! Take care of yourself. We'll be here when you are ready.

  19. Take care of yourself, Shirley! I love checking out your blog and seeing what you're up to or into, whichever the case may be. You always seem to put a smile on my face when I need it most. I hope that whatever you're going thru eases up and you can start "living life" again. Hang in there, girlfriend! Sending you hugs and prayers!

    ~ Jen

  20. glad to hear you are still among the living. was beginning to wonder where you were. i've missed your posts, but i can certainly relate to the heat thing (i'm in houston).

  21. I missed you. :) You make me laugh, and you have a schnauzer!

  22. I hope you are feeling better.
    keep on writing as I for one
    love reading your thoughts.

    I remember learning that you are
    suppose to write as you talk. And
    you do it so beautifully.

    Take care

  23. {{{{{OKIE HUGSS}}}}}}

    Hang in there Okie! You are loved!
    Take some you time and come back when you are ready!!!

    Marilyn c.

  24. I am so sorry you're having a difficult time right now! "... and this too shall pass..." I am sending many prayers up for you that you'll be up and about soon!

    You're well loved and everyone will be here for you when you return!

  25. Awww Okie. Sorry to hear you are out of sorts.... me too. But we will get through it - and I'm in the UK not having to cope with all that heat on top of everything else. Sending Cyber (((Hugs))) And I love you writing style by the way! :-) Hope you're back soon. Jude.x

  26. Okie Dokie OKIE :D
    I hope things get better soon, We understand about the Heat so don't you worry! But We should wash your Brain out with Soap for even thinking about Shutting your Blog down..LOL Its ok just take your time and we will be here when you come back. Big Hugs

  27. Hoping things get better for you. I love reading what you have to say but if you need to keep it private we all understand that too. Do what you need to do. Take care of yourself. Hope to see you back soon.

    Take care,

  28. I just love your blog, you're the best. I hope you feel better soon. I live in Las Vegas and let me tell you my craft room is so very hot too, I'm doing a little in my living room in front of the TV. I sure love your writing too.
    mhalford6 @aol. com

  29. Prayers and hugs for you as you do what you need to do for you. Take care.

  30. I have missed. I know you are going through some tough times but PLEASE do not isolate your self. You are NOT alone. You have a lot of people that love you. Try and do something that used to make you feel good. When my husbad is home and I have to make a card or something I do all the cutting in my craft room plan what I am going to do and take what I need in the living room so I can watch tv with him. I have a small table to put my supplies on. Maybe that could work for you.
    I was in an abusive marriage for way to long and I found that keeping a journal helped me so much it was like my best friend.
    Please remember you are not alone. I do so wish there was something I could do to help you. All I can do is send you my love huggs and prayers. I do hope everything gets better for you.

  31. Be well Okie, be well. Just know you have many virtual friends all over the globe who are pulling for you and wishing you well. Just go stamp an image on paper 10 times and then cut it out, you can do that in the AC and it will help ease your mind and focus on something else. Then get out those Letraset markers and color the images.. easy stuff to take your mind away. Crafting doesn't have to end in a full blown project, it's the process and the journey that help us.

  32. I missed you. Sending hugs. Glad to hear you are writing. You were born to write. Maybe your TMI might help someone else.
    Sending hugs and hope you stars and moons get all lined up soon.
    Oh and the sun and its hot weather take a hike.

  33. Shirley, I don't have a clue what is going on in your life but I know from your blog that you are a member of the ‘I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar - Don't Give Me Any Crap & There Won't Be Any Crap Club’. Some are born stronger and some are made stronger by all the misery life throws at us. Whatever difficulties you are facing, I know you will be fine. Take deep breaths, take time for yourself, and ALWAYS take the high road.

  34. Okie, I "know" you from the Circut Circle although I don't post much and am not on there alot. I love your style and your honesty. I'm not sure whats going on and it's no ones business. But know that those that read your blog and care about you are praying and thinking good thoughts for you.
    I do hope you craft again soon. And if your not crafting we're still here with a listening ear. Sending (((hugs)))

  35. Hi Shirley, I missed you, sorry you are having a tough time, and sending you huge friendly hugs and love from across the 'pond'. If you want to 'chat' you have my email, anything I can do, I am here for you,
    Enfys xx

  36. Hi Shirley, I've been thinking about you since lately you haven't been on the MB. I'm glad to have your blog as a favorite and came right here. I'm sorry that things haven't been to the best and hope that things get a lot better. Take care and I hope to see you back and your wonderful creations.

    Lots of Huggs,