Friday, August 19, 2011

School starts Monday!

I will officially be back in school on Monday. That means a more structured schedule which I will be looking forward to, believe it or not! I am hoping it also means I will feel like going in that room and crafting! I sure hope so since I have Love You a Latte, Sweet Shoppe and Flower Shoppe coming my way via! My friend Linda, aka LGuild, was able to get a good deal on some Lites and I got Carousal, Handyman, Cherry Limeade, Botanicals, Live Simply and Bloom from her. So there is no reason I shouldn't have plenty to craft with *okie thinks "yeah right ya big dummy like you didn't have enough before"*.

Linda brought my carts down to me last night and we went to the casino so I could practice for the Blackjack tournament I am in at the end of the month, which by the way, I have found out I totally suck at blackjack! LOL Linda brought me home and I hit a hole in my yard and down I went! I was bragging earlier to Linda about my nice tan legs *okie is convinced she has nice legs for a fat gal* and I guess this is what I get for bragging! HA HA HA What pissed me off is that I had a full diet coke and it went flying, so I had no more diet coke! *tear streams down okie's cheek*

Maybe the salt water from the pool will make it heal faster!

I have been asked why I haven't been on the messageboard recently. There are actually a few reasons...Number One: I haven't felt like crafting; Number Two: I have been busy with other things *okie wonders if most people know they can usually find her on Facebook* and hanging out with friends this summer; Number Three: The messageboard is running slow for me and that gets on my last dang nerve; and Number Four: SECURITY CODE TO POST!!! Which I find utterly ridiculous, but since it isn't my board I guess I can't do anything about that one.

Let's see on my last post I told you guys about my daughter wrecking her car and she is driving my little Metro. Well not long after that, just like 3 days I think, she got fired from her job. She wasn't ever given any official write ups and the new manager had hired her friend in the place of my daughter. Luckily my daughter only went about a week without a job and is now working in a daycare and is excited to have weekends off. She started working when she was about 15 1/2 and she hasn't had weekends off very often. I just hope she likes it. She is now also considering going to nursing school but is taking a break for a bit to figure out what she wants to do. I can't say much since I did the same thing, a few times, when I was a little older than her.

I spent time in the pool yesterday and think I am going to head back out there today. It just seems like the thing to do! Maybe after a little swim and nap my new carts will be here and I will want to play with them...notice I said MAYBE! *okie cracks up laughing*. I think most of ya'll know I am an animal lover and evidently animals love me too. I caught this squirrel this morning at the pool. I tried to get a picture of him splashing in the water but he ran off when I moved closer.

SPEAKIN OF THE DEVIL! The fedex truck just showed up! Off to put rewards points in!!


  1. welcome back


  2. I miss seeing your creations Okie! Hope you get back to crafting soon! Enjoy what's left of your summer vacation! :o)

  3. OKIE! You should really warn folks about the gross and graphic images you post! LOL!
    Actually dh swears the salt water does heal boo-boo's 50% faster.

    Rhonda H, waving from AR

  4. Wow you have big squirrels there.Here in SoCal they are 1/2 that size and brownish.We had a large excercise wheel thing in the yard,it was too big for the guinea pig cage and a squirrel was using it LOL.Wish I got a pic of that but it ran off.Hope to see your crafties soon.Maybe some back-to-school things.

  5. So good to hear from you :) Hope you enjoy the rest of summer. Looking forward to getting back into a routine again also.

    Sandy R.

  6. You posted! Two things I look for in the morning: coffee; Okie's humor. Enjoy the rest of vacation!

  7. Hiya Okie, Miss you on the MB, not that I have been there a lot either just lately, so I haven't missed you a lot!!!!!! We are back stateside at the end of the month, can't wait to see the sun, we have had a crap summer here in the UK. Even Florida humidity will be welcome.
    En xx

  8. Listen Girl - you do whatever you need to do - you will get your mojo back - take your time and we'll all be here waiting for you! BTW, you will LOVE "Botanicals" and I would LOVE "Cherry Limeade" - can't wait to see how you use both!