Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cuttlebug Storage Revisited - CUT FILES

I guess over the years people forget that I use to make .cut files and share them with others. But there are a lot of new Cricut users that came along before we had so many options for cartridges and they likely don't know anything at all about my .cut files.

Long ago before there were 62,000 images of cupcakes, flowers, food items, etc *okie thinks she might be exaggerating just a little* I made .cut files using Design Studio and George so that many others could cut images that just weren't available at the time. Now, 3-4 years later there isn't much need for me to design images but every now and then someone comes along and sends me a message about a .cut file I made long ago and it makes me feel good to know they are still getting used.

Recently I got a few messages from readers about how they were unable to download my .cut files from my blog. I emailed them the files and figured it was a glitch. As my regular readers know, I found out that every file I have ever linked to my blog was lost. So now here I sit feeling overwhelmed about which files to reload and relink or should I just go delink them all and let it go. Of course I am sure I will get back around to relinking all the files it is just going to take me awhile.

But for today *okie thinks it sure took her a long time to get to the point of the post today* I have relinked the Cuttlebug Storage Folders. There has been some recent interest in the system since I posted my storage system for the Cricut Carts.

I originally made the folders for the A2 folders back in 2009 and quite a few people did like the system. This is a picture of one of the folders. In the cut file there are graduating tabs so the folders can be more easily identified.

Please see the original post - CUTTLEBUG A2 STORAGE FOLDERS, for the instructions and .cut file you can download.

I have relinked the .cut file so you should have no problems downloading the file now.

I had a few people who just kept hounding me about wanting storage folders for their 5x7 embossing folders and to shut them up I finally broke down and made the file! *okie falls off her couch laughing* Actually I wasn't able to make one before I did because I didn't have any of the 5x7 folders and didn't know the right measurements. Here is a picture of the 5x7 folders.

Please see the original post - CUTTLEBUG 5X7 FOLDERS STORAGE, for instructions and .cut file you can download.


  1. I made these folders and I love them.They fit perfectly in the small 4 draw jet max cube.Thank you I love your cut files. Lori

  2. thanks for sharing these, i will be using them soon

  3. I made these when I read your old post. I just made up the folder from your directions. I love having my EF in these.
    Okie is sooooooo clever!

  4. Oh oakie I love this idea. I've been trying different methods for storing and organizing my ever growing collection of embossing folders, but this seems like the answer to me. Thanks so much for sharing the files.

  5. Thanks Okie for reposting! I decided this morning to try and find a better way to organize my Cuttlebug folders and handbooks/overlays....will definitely be using the Cuttlebug folder cut files.

    Have a great Sunday!

    Jess (aka Sparksgal)

  6. You are one of a king Okie.. So thoughtful and helpful. These are great files ... thanks for sharing.

  7. Okie, Your cut files have always been so wonderful. I have used several in the past, but none as often or more useful then these. I just love them. Not only so practical, but they are also gorgeous and can openly be displayed. Thanks for all you do.

  8. Okie, I am so sorry that you lost all of your cut files. You had made so many and were so generous to share them with us. I know that you were the first person I sought out when I needed something special. I also have made your cuttlebug file folders and I use them daily. Thanks for all of your dedication and for sharing with us. Even though most of the images are now on some cartridges, not all of us have the funds to spend on every new cartridge that PC puts out. So I for one am very thankful for all of your files that you have shared with me over the years. Thanks