Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One week to Houston!

Well a week and a day officially. My friend Carmen and I signed up for a class to take at CKC, the bad thing about it, it starts at 8:30 am! WHAT IN THE HEEL WERE WE THINKING? The class is making an acrylic mini album. I love mini albums but have difficulty letting things hang off the pages, even though I know that is what makes them look so nice. I am hoping the class will get me over that fear, phobia, or whatever it is. Carmen asked the other day if I had started packing and I told her "no! That would require me doing laundry". Actually I have a mental note of what I want to pack as far as clothes. If I need scrappy supplies I am sure Carmen will let me know what to pack.

The pool is almost crystal clear now, just a slight hint of cloudiness. My daughter, one of her friends, and I went swimming the other night. The water FELT AWESOME!! I just kept rubbing my legs in amazement of how soft my skin felt. I like that the pump turns itself off and on. The only problem I seem to be having now is keeping the filter clean. With all the dryness we have had I keep getting a lot of dead leaves and dirt from the alleyway in the pool and the pump system sucks it up. Luckily the filter is easy to rinse and reuse so I don't have to go buy a new one every few days.

I did make a layout the other day and I will try to get pictures done tonight and get it posted tomorrow. I might try to do another one tonight, will have to look through my pictures.


  1. Hey Okie - about this swimming pool - my son installed one last week and then left for a week at the beach - when we went to check on the pool and vaccuum it, it was a crazy yellowish color!! UGH! After a quick phone call, he gave us instructions on cleaning the filter on the salt water pump - you are so right - it was really BAAAAD!!! After a good cleaning and a "boost" on the pump, it should be much improved today! I'm glad to hear that this is an easy fix!! Have fun!

  2. You're going to have so much fun with your buddies. And man oh man, I wish I had a pool. Can't wait to see your layout when you get it posted.

  3. Here's another tip, since you seem to be having all the problems we used to have! No sense in re-inventing the wheel, right?

    Are you using the skimmer for your pump or the little cup thing that goes over the hole on the side wall of the pool?

    If you're using the skimmer, go to your local hardware store (Ace, Lowe's etc.) and get a "Paint Filter". It's a little white mesh bag (about the size of a gallon of paint). I think there are 2 in a pack for about $2.00.
    Painters use it to pour the paint thru to filter out any debris or clumps.

    It has an elastic ring around the top. Wrap that around the little white basket and put it into your skimmer and the leaves and junk won't get into your filter because the holes are smaller! You just have to pull it out and hose it off when it's full!

    It prolongs the life of the filters by a LOT!!

    Also, if you're still a little cloudy, set the Chlorinator to run a little longer. If you're running it for 6 hours, run it for 8 or 10 (even overnite is OK)... it's best to chlorinate when it's cooler because the sun breaks down the chlorine faster... if you're running the chlorinator when the sun's out, it breaks it down faster than the machine can replace it...

    Hope that helps! (-:
    Have a safe and happy 4th!
    Hope you get to spend it SWIMMING!!


  4. Okie,

    Are you taking the Button Farm acrylic book class? I hope so, the owner/instructor is fabulous and her projects are so cute!


  5. Hestia I do put a knee high panty hose over the skimmer but it sounds like that thing you use might catch even more than the pantyhose I will have to try that! I think I do need to run the filter longer since it has been so hot. I have to add some salt today before I go on vacation.

  6. Dori I am taking the "Oh So Beautiful" class. It is with Basic Grey papers. It's at 8:30 am on Friday, is that the one you are teaching??