Monday, June 13, 2011

I CRAFTED!! Penny Black stamp - Cat card

Yep I finally got my butt in gear this weekend and did some crafting. To be honest it wasn't much but I did get a total of 16 cards made. There are only 4 designs and I will post the first one today and then the next few days I will be posting the others. You probably recoginze the stamps and card layouts from when Linda, aka LGuild, and I took a card class a few months ago. I was being lazy and decided to just copy the same layouts *okie hears some groaning in the back* OH SHUT UP!! AT LEAST I AM POSTING A CRAFTING PROJECT INSTEAD OF JUST THE RAMBLINGS IN MY HEAD!! *okie sighs deeply with lips pursed together thinking there just is no pleasing some people*.

Supplies used:
Penny Black "In the Garden" stamps
Making Memories patterned paper
Cardstock - Stampin Up Crushed Curry; Paper Studio Kraft
Sakura Gelly Roll Stardust Pen
Punches - Stampin Up 1", 1 1/4" circle punches
Tim Holtz Disterss Ink - vintage photo

The cat is really simple to color. It did seem to take a long time but I think it was because I was color 4 of each one and that does take some time, especially when you are trying to watch Netflix at the same time. The movie wasn't very good, it was Killers, or something like that. It had Ashton Krutcher and that Kathrine Heigle or however you spell her name. I haven't liked her since she had all that problems on Grey's Anatomy. *okie shakes her head at herself* But I got way off track there, back to the cat....I used satin and vanilla for the light colors and then Cinnamon and Caramel for the brown colors. The cheeks are done with Dusty Rose *okie thinks she remembers that right*. I can't remember the colors for the flowers.

Here you can see where I used the Stardust pen on the centers of the flowers. I think it just gave it a little glitz while not taking away from the image.

This card is actually my least favorite of the cards and I think that is why I am posting it first, just to get the ugly thang out the way! *okie falls out chair laughin* Okay I don't really think it is ugly, just not my favorite of the 4.

So wish me luck on getting another one posted for tomorrow! I am so easily distracted these days!!


  1. So cute I love Penny Black!
    Have a great day.

  2. So cute. I thought from your comments in the beginning that you were going to say, "at least I'm posting and not sitting on my butt reading someone else's blog about crafts like all of us!!"

  3. Keep it up as I just love
    reading your site.


  4. This is adorable! Nice work with the coloring! :o)

  5. ahhhh ... summers! You gotta love 'em. But they sure can slow you down ... once the warm weather hits, I just seem to get lazy and I have no desire to go out in the heat at all.

    See what I did there ... I was showing you that rambling can be good too (not that my rambling is all that great, but I think you get the idea). Geezzzz, what I is tryin ta say iz, it just don't matter none to me if'n you'z a craftin or a ramblin ... it's all good stuff (errrr ... did I gets it all grammatically correct?)

    So ... ramble, rant, rave, or dazzle us with creativity ... just keep those posts comming!

    Oh, and did I mention ... the card is real purdy too. Love the touch of bling (those Sakura glitter pens always add a nice touch, don't you think?).


  6. Ohhhh, that is one cute kitty! It is a fantastic card. TFS

  7. cute stamp set, I love Penny Black stamps and everytime you showcase a set, I WANT IT. Okie, please stop it. lol.