Wednesday, June 22, 2011

As promised I am posting some pictures of the pool and how it is progressing with the new filter system.

One thing I did learn was that it doesn't do it instantaneously! *okie is such an instant gratification kinda gal*. So these pictures are taken before I started running the pump, which has to run 24 hours before starting up the salt water part of the gizmo.

These pictures are of after the pump has been running all night. I know there doesn't look like a large difference but there really is. All the scum floating at the top and the leaves were gone, with the exception of maybe just one or two. My old pump would have required several skimmer rinses and probably a few filter rinses as well. This pump is extremely more powerful than the original one! However, the water of course is still green, but a lovely Cricut shade of green don't you think? *okie cracks up laughin*

For the size of pool I own, I had to add 160 lbs of salt to the pool. It said to disperse evenly *okie really wonders where the manufacture thought people could get a gigantic salt shaker to do such a thing* and I did the best I could by using a bucket and tossing the salt out across the pool. Well I did that until I accidentally tossed the bucket too! The odd thing is that the bucket sunk but then this morning it was floating at the top of the pool! Anyway for the last bag of salt I had to disperse by hand. I got the salt at Walmart and it was right at $6 a bag I believe. I may still have to get the other cleanser thing that I saw, something about baking soda *okie is beginning to wonder if she has a pool or a cake in her backyard* cleaner, I think....okay I didn't really pay attention but I know there is something else I can add if it doesn't start to clear up.

Hopefully tomorrow morning I can post some pictures of a much nicer looking pool!! Everyone keep your fingers crossed!


  1. LOL, about the bucket, something I would do.

  2. I'm really looking forward to seeing what it looks like tomorrow. I had one of these pools and we couldn't figure out how to get rid of the green water. Maybe I will get another one if this works out.

  3. I swear this is how my pool always looks. lol We didn't even fill it this year, and of course we've had 90 degree weather with power outages this year. lol I miss you pool, even with it green. lol Good luck Okie, hope it clears up for you.
    Smiles Sher

  4. Yup... it's certainly an ugly green color... I remember when we use to have a pool in Las Vegas and it would get that color during the winter... Had an awesome pump that it cleared up right away and within a day we were swimming in it.... Yours will look great by tomorrow! :o)