Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The love hate relationship with fall.......

I love fall!! I love all the color changes here in Oklahoma we have on the trees. I love the cool crisp mornings. I love the semi warm days and then the cooler evenings. The air just seems to be fresh, like it blew in from the north to remind us that the heat of summer will always come to an end. It is just energizes my system!

But now for the hate part of the relationship. The damn leaves are everywhere on the ground and ya gotta rake them up *however okie prefers to mow the yard one last time and think of it is mulch for next year* and they blow around with the strong Oklahoma winds and get caught in swirls on the porches and patios blowing in the doors as you enter or leave. The garden beds have to be cleaned out and tilled readying them for the winter and an easier task come spring.

I just spent the last hour and a half using my machete to chop down the dying Canna's. Who knew that 10 years ago when my daughter brought home 6 Canna bulbs it was going to lead to hundreds upon hundreds of cannas years later? NO ONE TOLD ME! I have dug the suckers up, I have not watered them, I have sliced diced and juilenned them. Only for them to return in full force! About 3 years ago I dug up bulbs in the spring and gave away about 50 plastic Wal-Mart bags full of them.......I MEAN FULL. I could probably do it again this coming spring and it wouldn't make a dent in my Canna population. Sometimes I really detest those Canna's. Yet.....they are so pretty in the summer with their deep green and purple leaves and little red spiky flowers.

So now that the little task of cutting the Canna's has been done I only have to finish cleaning out the flower beds and the garden, mow the yard one last time and my yard will be ready for winter.

HHMMMM....all in all I still think I really do love fall........

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