Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Interruption of regularly scheduled posting...

I now interrupt my regularly scheduled posting style to say this.....

This is a great day in American history. We now know that every American is genuinely created equal and have equal opportunities offered to us if we can believe in ourselves and our country.

We will be able to look back at this moment and tell our grandchildren how we as Americans were present, whether it be by television or internet, as we saw Barack Obama be elected as the 44th President of the United States.

Whether the candidate you voted for won or lost in this race it will be a day placed in history where you can say you were present as history was made.

Now back to my regularly style of posting....



  1. You can feel the change in the air, can't ya?

  2. A night I will never forget!

  3. An historic event - and another reason to use the Cricut - check out my blog to see what I made for Obama!

  4. Okie-I just wanted to make sure it is ok to cut your scallop circles to send to another blogger-don't know her use for them -is this appropriate use of your downloads? or is that a no-no? I have tried to make one for her myself- but mine don't look as good as yours!!! (And I can't figure out how to make them adjustable-and mine are on the small side)argh....
    Sometimes I worry too much-sorry to be a pain!

  5. My daughter, (21) got to be at his rally. She said it was truly amazing to see everyone celebrating together.
    I said, Its about time!!!!!
    She also took lots of pics for her mom. LOLOLOL

  6. BUMBLEBEE - my files are for personal use. I do not mind them being sent to someone I however do not want my files to be posted on someone else's blog as their own. It took hours, literally to create them.

  7. Oh, I am sorry, I think I gave you the wrong idea. I just wanted to make sure it was ok to send her some of your scallop circles that I have cut out using your file...I will let her know that I have used your files to cut them out, and to please refer to them in that way,if they are to be posted. Do I have the right idea? : )
    I know you are 100% right about taking literally hours to create! Thank You OKIE!!

  8. Good Morning OKIE--I have heard back from the gal I mentioned and they are indeed for personal use- and she asked that I let you know she sends a BIG THANK YOU out to you!! : ) Have a great day!