Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Almost good enough to eat! HA HA HA I always play around with DS with different cuts from the carts I have but of course I don't always cut the stuff I am playing with. Tonight I was working on some 4x6 chipboard albums and had to find Christmas theme cuts for the albums. One of the things I decided on was gingerbread. I got the house from JOTS *okie thinks that is what it was....she can't remember right now* and the Gingerbread man from Stretch Your Imagination.

While I might still go back and embellish them a little more I seem to forget what all is possible with the carts I own. I didn't plan on using so much stickles but my daugther came in and said "the white icing needs stickles". That girl is ALL ABOUT THE STICKLES! Have no idea why she likes them so much! *okie falls out her chair laughin*. Anyway, I will post the albums when I get them done.


  1. OOOO they are so cute!! I love that stickles too.. U know what else I m finding I like very much on my scallops.. I take some and squirt it out then I slowly twirl my scallop in it. Wonder is that how U spell that.. O the product is.Art Accents Shimmerz it dries clear too...

  2. Oh my Okie, these are so super cute! Well really everything you do is super cute but these are wonderful. I am all about Christmas and they put a big smile on my face. I needed one tonight too. Thanks for always showing us your beautiful stuff.

  3. Lookey there!!.. Those are just too adorable.. When are you comin over to craft with me... I got plenty of room now!..

  4. Adorable! I love the stickles too!