Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Black Friday!

Hope everyone is enjoying their shopping today!!

I didn't need to get out in the madness today, thank goodness! I will however be busy with many other things. I built a little bedside table for a lamp this morning. I bet you guys didn't know I was so handy with a saw and drill!! HA HA HA Actually the other night I fixed a cheap dresser I have had for about 20 years. One of the little side legs was missing, not sure what happened. So I got some scrap wood *okie wonders if everyone keeps scrap wood around* I had and added a leg and some support.

I still have to get a bunch of cleaning done and get my Christmas decorations out this weekend. Not to mention finishing up the recipe books and some other things. I have company coming in on Wednesday and Thursday and then my Annual Girlfriend Christmas party on Saturday.


  1. Just wanted to say thanks... I downloaded a few files tonight- got the CE today at Walmart, so now I can play with larger files and Plantin Schoolbook- yahoo!

  2. okie!! could you help me please!! about a year ago you had an awesome recipe for lotion i saved it i printed it and now i cant find it anywhere..i looked as far back on your blog as my computer would let me and i cant seem to find it!!!! i loved it and now cant find it!!!! i really enjoyed looking back over everything you have done!!! i save things and then forget! like your cross im going to use it for x-mas cards!!! perfect!! i just love ever single thing you do!!!!! if you could tell me were to find that recipe or email it to me what ever is easier for you!!!
    thank you sooo very much!!!!!!!!

  3. Yes, we do keep scrap wood around! Good work Okie!