Thursday, May 29, 2008


IMPORTANT UPDATE: IF YOU DOWNLOADED THE TRIFOLD CARD BEFORE THIS TIME (MAY 30TH, 6:50 PM CENTRAL TIME) THEN YOU WILL NEED TO DELETE THE RECTANGLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ENVIE. Thank you to Sandy for pointing this out to me. The correct file will download now. The file you have will work, just make sure you delete the rectangle that is in the middle of the oval on the envie mat! Then click save and the file will be correct.

So I did some work on it and while a true trifold card can't be cut on the baby bug I was able to make a bottom flap to make it into a trifold card with the little bit of help from tape!!

Okay enough of that. Here is the TRIFOLD CARD made for the baby bug! Oh and using all George of course. And remember if you need to see more detail in the pictures you can click on them and make them bigger.

These are the cuts you end up with. You should have enough paper left after cutting the main envie to go ahead and cut the bottom flap. I did place it on another mat so if you used patterned paper and wanted to match up the paper you could. I chose to have my paper going a different direction.....I like to be different...HA HA HA HA.

There are score lines, actually more like dots where you will score the main part of the envie. So score those. I didn't put score lines on the flap becuase it is cut at angles on one end. That is the end that you will adhere to the main part of the envie. After adhering you should end up with a piece like what is in this picture. I inked the edges at this point. I like ink.......*okie drools as she thinks about inked edges*.

Next you will apply tape to the bottom flap and fold up. TADA you now have your trifold envie!

Next you adjust where you want your band to be. I just stuck a little tape to the center so I could keep it in place where I thought I wanted it.

Now fold the edges over.

Tape down one side. I just did a vertical strip. Then do the same for the other side of the flap.

And after taping this is how the back should look like.

And this is how the front should look like after the band is in place. Of course you can put the band where you want it. I didn't measure, just placed it where I thought it looked good.

Next adhere your mats together, lining up the sides equally.

I do have rectangle tags included in the file but for this card I used the scallop circles. I did make the scallop circle with George so the file only uses one cart.

Embellish how you wish!! Okay to be honest I messed up stamping in the original circle I cut. So I just stamped a piece of blue paper and then cut around the line of the stamp. I really liked this one! It is one of those See D's stamps that you can usually find for $1. I did cut a yellow circle that is included in the file. I then put the yellow on the brown circle and then the blue on the is that clear as mud? Anyway...ya know you can make it how you want.

I also did use a small hole punch and then added ribbon to the top of the card so it would pull out. But forgot to take a picture of that. OH OH OH! And guess what! This will fit inside the standard invitation envelope if you decide you want to make one and mail it!!


  1. As a baby bug like you i love this thank you heaps

  2. Thanks. You are just too talented!

  3. I cant get the cut file for the tri-fold to open. What am I doing wrong? Help

  4. I cant seem to get the cut file to open. Help! what am I doing wrong?

  5. I'm not sure why it won't open. I just downloaded it and it opened okay.

  6. You are welcome. I'm going to download it again. Thanks!

  7. I love your stuff! Thanks for this card!

  8. Great tutorial- thanks for posting this!

  9. I just love all your creations. Keep up the great work.