Monday, May 12, 2008


Or maybe that should be cowgirl!! *wonderin if it is weird that an Arapaho Indian is saying she wants to be a cowgirl....shrugs shoulders* Okay so the boot I used on a recipe LO. I will post the LO later after all the swaps are received. I made the saddle to go with the boot. I am also working on a cowboy hat.

Oh yes anyway.......The BOOT is made with George, of course....and there are 3 mats. The bottom layer is the sole and base. The next layer is the boot part and the last is the spur. I used a mini brad for the middle of the spur. Now when ya cut the boot don't freak out, the cut outs are NOT welded. Also make sure you have a good blade and your pressure and depth set right. I got a lot of tearing, but that could be because my cricut was tired from cutting out 18 boots!! *I might put Stetson out of business! HA HA HA* The insert is to be hand cut, just easier that way. I used some shimmer paper. Good thing is that it can be made whatever color your heart desires!! I used a small black pen to draw on the stitching. I also inked the edges.

I just cut the SADDLE tonight. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. I think I might design some concho's to go on the saddle though. I used the mini brads and they look okay I guess. I didn't spend much time on embellishing it because I just wanted to see if it would cut okay. There are 3 mats to this one also. It is a good sturdy saddle by the time you get it all together!! *DISCLAIMER - this saddle is not intended for use on a real horse, any use of this saddle on a real horse could cause bodily harm to the individual. Please use with caution and only use for paper crafting, now back to the program*

I will have to see when I can get the cowboy hat done. I did finish my BBQ swap, except one item that I have to work on. So probably this weekend I will have quite a few files available that have to do with BBQ and picnic themes!! WOOHOO Just in time for summer!!


  1. You are sooooo funny. Love the boots and the saddle

  2. You are amazing and so funny!! I love these!!

  3. You are so amazing! thank you for sharing your files. Amazing artist and such a sweet spirit!!

  4. Just found these, knew if anyone had designed them it would be you, thanks for the great files.