Friday, June 10, 2016

Thinking of You Cards - 3 fof 4

Since it seems the group members think I take requests these days for their card kits this card got a butterfly. One of the ladies likes butterflies and thought we needed to do a card with a butterfly *okie really thinks she needs to tell them to shut up and take what they get*

Supplies Used:
Stampin Up Butterfly Basics stamp set

I found the Sizzix dies at Zipp Outlet and I think I paid 3 or 4 bucks for them, I know it wasn't much. I was just diggin through a box and POOF there they were. Sadly it was the only set I found but I did feel lucky to find them.

They had a lot of fun with this card because there was quite a bit of stamping. Some of the folks are brave enough to just take the stamp and do their own but others want me to line it up for them. Usually for the sentiments I do line them up. The fern leaves at the bottom was an area where they were able to just ink and stamp without worrying about lining things up. I generally try and make a few spare pieces, such as the white mat on this card, just in case someone messes up and we need to have the do another.

I had a hard time to get a few of them to stamp the sentiment on top of the flower image because they were afraid it was going to mess it up but once they did it they really liked it. This particular card is one I made and I did use some Liquid Pearls on the butterfly down the "spine" and I didn't do that for the cards in group because there wouldn't be time for them to dry before the end of group.


  1. I'm with the lady, I like butterflies too. Nice card, I love the Butterfly Basics stamp set.

  2. Beautiful card Shirley! I do love the butterfly and glad you were able to get it a such a great price. The ferns are so pretty at the bottom. A great design for sure. Love that the group is having a great time making the cards. I think it is awesome that you do this for them. Sounds like they are very comfortable with you since they are requesting images for the cards. lol Hugs, Brenda

  3. Now don't hate me ... I totally understand your group member's fondness for butterflies, I like them too. On this card, it adds the perfect something extra to make it special. It is so sweet of you to make cards with your groups. I know you are using your own supplies and tools to make them, but you are giving a great joy to everyone ... first, with the fun of making the cards, and second, with the delight in giving the card to someone else.

  4. Another beautiful card, thanks for sharing!

  5. Cif all else fails, put a butterfly I'm it is my policy