Monday, June 13, 2016

How To Fix Your Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Single Serve

My daughter asked for a Kuerig for Christmas and since that is all she asked for I got her one and she loves it. I myself have been wanting one for quite some time but couldn't justify the cost for myself *okie thinks that it is odd how we can spend money on others but not ourselves* but I did find a Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Singe Serve at Walmart for half the price of a Kuerig and I thought I was worth at least half of what my daughter is worth *okie cracks up laughing*

I have had different coffee pots over the years, usually a Mr. Coffee in most cases, so this whole single serve was quite appealing to me because I didn't have to make a whole pot of coffee and if I decided I wanted another cup of coffee all I have to do is pop another pod in, add the water and push the button and let's face's almost impossible to make just one cup of coffee in a large pot. There were a few other reasons I chose this machine, one being I really liked the looks of it and how it was compact. If you want you can remove the little shelf and use a travel mug. Another great option is that you don't have to use pods, it has a built in filter basket where you can use loose coffee. One more plus is that you can make coffee in several different cup sizes. I usually go with the 10 oz because the bottled water I have is 20 ounces and I know to just use half the bottle. *CONFESSION* I keep bottled water for the kids because they always come in and take it with them when they leave. I use the same bottles over and over and just refill from my fridge since I have filtered water. 

I did read the reviews and most of them were good, there were a few talking about how after awhile the water would no longer go through but I decided to take a chance on it anyway. Just a few days ago my machine got to where the water wouldn't brew all the way through and I thought "well dammmnnnn" but me being me I decided to take a looksy and see if I could find out the problem.

The first thing I did was take off this rubber gasket around the piercing needle and clean it. There didn't seem to be anything on it or anything to clean really but I wiped it off just the same. While doing this I noticed a hole in the piercing needle and I wondered to myself if that is actually where the water goes through.

I went to my craftroom and found a paperclip and poked it through the hole *okie wonders if she should mention she did unplug the coffee maker before starting her out of curiosity let's try and repair the coffee maker job* and sure enough there were coffee grounds that came out! I twirled the paperclip a little bit to make sure I was getting it all out and truthfully there wasn't even much but I guess enough to keep it from brewing right.

After getting the piercing needle all cleaned out I put the rubber gasket back on, plugged it back in, added the water and turned it on. It started making the noise it usually does as it heats up the water and instead of sputtering I saw a nice thick stream of hot water pouring out! GO ME!!! Now if the problem happens again I know it is a quick fix and I won't be thinking I have to run out and replace my coffee maker. I did go ahead and do the vinegar cleaning while I was at it and there was some build up in the little filter basket. Our city water is very hard and there is always lime and calcium spots on things. After drinking this water for years I should have bones like steel with all the calcium I have consumed!


  1. Way to save the coffee maker

  2. Thanks for sharing!!! I was afraid to take mine apart!!! Now I know exactly what to do!!!

  3. This is the coffee maker we bought my son when he was in a little college apartment. Not sure if it's the same model, but it is a Hamilton Beach single serve. Good to know how to fix it if there's a problem because I guarantee it has never been cleaned properly...maybe I should buy him a bottle of vinegar? :)

  4. Yay for you Shirley! I think they all get clogged at some point in time. My husband and son had gotten me the Kuerig single serve one too, less expensive than the other ones, and mine got clogged as well. No water would come out. So I did the same as you and got it going again. Our water is hard too with lots of calcium in it and when I had a bone marrow test done, my doctor had a very had time breaking through my bones. Said they were very hard! I only drink water with an occasional hot drink of tea, hot chocolate or hot spiced cider. So I'm sure your bones are hard too! lol That's a good thing as we age! Hugs, Brenda