Thursday, May 14, 2015

Using Make The Cut with the Cricut Explore

I have said it many times and I will say it again...I FREAKIN LOVE MAKE THE CUT!! If ya didn't hear me I can yell it a little louder *okie cups her hand behind her ear and hears someone in the back say they didn't hear her*. Okay this is for you in the back I FREAKIN LOVE MAKE THE CUT!!!

Now with that said and out of the way I shall continue. I believe we all know how much I have enjoyed reviewing the Cricut Explore and how well I think this machine cuts but I absolutely abhor the software and how it has to be connected to the internet to use. BUT, with the magic abilities of Make The Cut I can make my design safely without an internet connection, export as an SVG file and then upload into Cricut Design Space for cutting. This takes out a lot of worry about if I'm going to lose connection or if their server is going to have problems and crap out on me for whatever reason while I am designing. I also don't like the glitchy movement I get a lot of the time with the CDS program. I like nice smooth movement when I'm designing, I can tolerate it during cutting since that is all I am using the program to do. 

I apologize for the poor picture quality and I hope it is clear enough to get my point across. I got a new computer a few months ago and it runs Windows 8 *which okie hates* and I'm still not use to all the new crap...half the time I can't even find what I need on this damn thing. 

First off I get my design all on one mat in MTC. I always add a 12x12 base layer to my design I am going to import into CDS and I will explain that in a later step. 

  • Make sure all the layers are unlocked and visible. There is a little "eye" and "lock" icon in the bottom right hand corner where you can hide/unhide and lock/unlock all layers at once or you can do each independently next to the small mat preview seen on the right hand column on the screen. 
  • Select all your layers by either clicking "edit" and then "select all" or drawing a box around all the images with your mouse.
  • Export your design by clicking file, export, Sel to SVG file
  • Name and save your file
  • Open Cricut Design Space
  • Click on Upload Image
  • Click Upload Vector
  • Find your file
  • Click Open
  • Make sure correct file is checked
  • Click on Insert Image
  • Click the Edit tab
  • Resize image to 12x12 to maintain original design ratio
I hope I explained that well enough, I'm not so good at explaining things to others and most of the time it's just easier for me to do things and then send it to them than trying to explain how to do it. I really wanted people to see how easy it is to use the most awesome program in the world, Make The Cut, with the superior cutting machine, the Cricut Explore.


  1. I don't have MTC software, but you sure are making me want it. lol It looks like your directions are pretty good Shirley and if I ever get this software, I will be giving this a try! Hugs, Brenda

  2. First, I am glad to see you are OK. I missed your funny posts! I don't have MTC but I do have the explorer and yes, I too, hate the software. I might have to look into getting MTC.

  3. I'm glad you posted about this Shirley .... I do not have the MTC software, it's good to know how easy it is to import the SVG files to cut with the Explore. I do have an Explore, unfortunately, my poor computer has got some many issues right now, that I cannot even use Design Space ... it is so frustrating. I'm sure a new computer will be my next major purchase.

  4. Awesome! Thank you! Have a great day! :)

  5. just checking that you are out of the awful weather