Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Organization Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Okay so we all know that I have a fascination for organization, whether it is my paper, markers, stamps, cutting files, vinyl...well it really doesn't matter what it is I always feel I need to organize it and always look for a better way to organize. Organization is not for the faint of heart, but to me it is always worth it in the long run. 

I had recently reorganized my vinyl, I'll make a post about it later, and the shoe cabinet where I use to keep quite a bit of my vinyl in was empty and I wondered what I could put in there. After looking around in my craftroom closet, which was still in disarray, I thought about the giftbags I have to alter and thought I would try those in the cabinet. 

I had the giftbags in two different boxes and a few bags, I said my closet was in disarray, but was able to get all of them in the cabinet and it still shuts nice and neat. Most of the giftbags where bought in bundles and I never paid more than a dime for any of the bags. I haven't altered any bags in awhile and maybe that can be put on my list of what I want to craft next, right after getting my mini albums done that I've been working on for months and replenishing my gift card boxes. 

So once I got the gift bags in the cabinet it lead to another thing, then another, then another...ya know how it goes. 
until I was moving everything around, going through boxes that have been packed up since I moved and making a more thorough mess than what I had in the first place. All these things on the shelves were moved about 10 different times!

I kept changing things until I had items on shelves that looked okay to me and fit well, that also called for me moving shelves up and down a few times.

Finally after a few hours, okay more like 10 hours or so I got things straightened up enough to please me for now, I could still stand to get some better storage items for a few things. I'm always looking in Goodwill and clearance aisle's for storage and sometimes I get lucky enough to find some good ones. This is the right hand corner of the closet and most items in that corner are ones I don't use or need to get to often. 

This is the left hand corner of the closet and the boxes on those shelves are Really Useful Boxes I got at Staples years ago and right now they hold things like ribbon, envelopes, card inserts, cording, etc. The two shelves at the bottom hold scrapbooks and a few catalogs or books for crafting.

At the top of the closet are boxes that hold items for altering, such as tumblers and there are also a few boxes that hold completed projects such as mini albums and frames. I will either find something that looks more pleasing or eventually decorate these boxes so they look nicer. 

The red bins now have labels on them so I can grab the one I need without having to pull each one and go through it. 

These white boxes are what I store cards in and use to keep giftbags in two of them. These came from Walmart about 5 years ago and I think I picked them up for $1 each on clearance. I like having the label frame for identifying what's in each box.  The cabinet in the lower left hand corner of the picture is the one where the giftbags are stored. I can't believe I can see the floor under the shelving now!

I worked on my pegboard storage a few weeks ago and it looks a bit better than it originally did. The shelves in the picture are were I store my stamps using little plastic crates I found at Walmart for $1 each, they are originally to store DVDs I do believe. The black boxes contain envelopes, binding wires, silk flowers, adhesives and other things. 

This is the view into the closet with the door open and yes that is empty space there! AACCKK! I will eventually get rid of the wicker baskets and replace those with something else but I was getting tired and left them for now. 

Now ya would think I would be happy with this closet after all this but alas, NOPE! I started working on updating my stamp organization and then changed how my stamps are stored a bit which I will post about tomorrow!


  1. Everything looks great Shirley! I need you to come to PA and organize me!!! lol Hugs, Brenda

  2. HA HA HA!!! been there done that and still not satisfied.....I've decided thats my new hobby......craft re-arranger....HA HA HA

  3. LOVE the way you organize!!!! I get this way too... In Fact I was re-organizing last night! Don't ya just love spending 10 hours organizing.. it so worth it in the end.... LOVE how your crafty closet is coming along! :) Have a Wonderful Day! :)

    Scrappers Anonymous

  4. No such thing as being too organized :)

  5. No such thing as being too organized :)