Thursday, December 4, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

I didn't get to play with the Explore last night due to the kids coming over. My Goddaughter Amber and I had started watching American Horror Story Freak Show series before I moved and last night was the first time we were able to catch up. Thank goodness I figured out the DVR and can record shows! Also my daughter had texted me and asked if she could come over and put up the Christmas tree so needless to say my evening was filled with time with the kids...but that is a good thing! I cooked dinner for the kids, we had Garlic Shrimp Pasta, Chicken Alfredo, Garlic Bread, Breadsticks and Salad *okie wonders if she should tell that the pasta and bread were from the frozen food section but decides to let everyone think she has become a master chef over the last 6 months*. I made them eat at the table and told them "no cell phones at the table". I really enjoyed listening to them have conversations about various things and the good thing was that most of the people they talked about I was familiar with and that lets me know I'm doing something right because even though they are young adults I am still in tune with what goes on in their lives.

The Christmas tree I have was procured *okie is suddenly impressed with her vocabulary with using the word procured and then feels sad remembering she is easily impressed* at my local bargain store a few years ago. My daughter and I were in there looking around and came across this tree and I liked it because it was slimmer than the one I had and it also already had the lights on it. I think I paid a whole $20 or $30 for it and then come to find out it was an almost $400 tree from one of those home shopping network places. The lights at the very bottom on one side don't work but we just put that side toward the window and it's not noticeable.

I love, love, love Christmas trees! I love to see all the decorations and could browse pictures of trees for hours. There are so many different ways to decorate a tree but every year ours is decorated with the same ornaments. Each of our ornaments has a story behind it and my daughter and I can tell you about each one. When Shiane was probably in 1st grade we started going and picking out ornaments that were alike but just a tad different and then writing our name and the year on the bottom or back of the ornament. One day when she has her own tree she will get her ornaments for her tree. It gives me so much joy to look at my tree and see the ornaments because it's not the ornament that means so much but the memory behind each one. I have some from friends, some that I made, some that we bought and all the ornaments that Shiane made me when she was little. My tree will never look as gorgeous as the ones in the magazines, nor will it be one that makes people gasp with admiration but the truth is the most expensive ornaments in the world would never be worth more than the ones I have on my tree because mine is filled with love and fond memories that gladden my heart and make me smile.


  1. Beautiful tree Okie!!
    your ornaments and mine sound so much a like. When I made ornaments I always made three, one for each of my Sons and one for me. I have way to many ornaments and it is hard to decide what goes on the tree. I am now telling the same stories to my 4 youngest Grandbabies as I told my boys while they were growing up as well as my oldest Grandson. Aron is now 20 and doesn't help Nana put up the Christmas tree anymore. Now it is my youngest son's babies that come over and help me put up the tree and they someday will tell their kids about Nana's ornaments. I think those are good memories. Love and memories are a wonderful thing!!

  2. So glad to see you posting again!!!! Your tree is beautiful and yes ornaments are worth far more than money can buy!.

    Loved looking at your craft room too! And the comment about the black leather curtains.... LOLOLOLOL!!!

    Have a great day and can't wait to read your review about the Explore. Good to see you posting again.

    Marilyn C. (tnscrapper)

  3. Thanksgiving weekend we always decorate the family tree before the children leave. We love pulling out all the memories while decorating....certain spots on the tree must have certain ornaments... It's all about traditions and being together. Who cares about a designer tree.

  4. Well, I think it's a gorgeous tree! Good job, and great memories.

  5. I'm in the same boat, our tree will never be photographed for any publication and won't be the one everyone carries on about. Like yours, ours is full of history and each ornament tells a story about our lives! Thanks for sharing pictures of your tree, it's beautiful!

  6. That's what my tree is like and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

  7. Like the others - my tree is very much like yours. Full of family memories that I would not trade for the world. Some are store bought, some are handmade, but all come from family, friends, and loved ones and treasured trips, etc. The ones that mean the most to me however are the ones my kids made when they were little (they cringe at those right now since they are 19 and soon to be 18 on Dec. 23rd), and ones hand painted by my husband's aunt who did beautiful painting and all the ones my mom did over the years for all of us which were cross-stitched. My husband's Aunt is gone now and my mother is battling a debilitating disease that makes her unable to cross-stitch anymore but I love hanging those ornaments up and knowing all the love and caret that went into them. We probably have enough of her ornaments alone to decorate a decent size tree! Those special ones are packed special and are the "got to get" in an emergency box as I would be devastated to lose those! Thanks for sharing yours. MeFlick

    1. I always love trees that have stories! I have Shiane's on the tree that she made when she was little and she proudly puts them on the tree. My birthday is the 23rd as well!