Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gift Bag - Wild Birthday Wishes

Why are animal prints so fun? I know Zebra print is hot and has been for a bit now but before that it seems everything was leopard print. Now I think just about any animal print goes. 

I do believe red goes nicely with leopard print and that is why I chose to accent the bag with the birthday in red and the red ribbon. I thought about decorating a little more with some red paper but then I remembered "it's a giftbag, it's likely gonna get tossed in the trash" so I refrained and kept it more simple. 

I thought a fun sentiment on this one would be nice, I can't remember what font I used for the Wild and Wishes but I do know I used the "Sister" or "Sister Frisky" font for the Birthday. It looked a little plain so I decided to add the green vine to jungle it up a bit. I think the printed paper at the bottom might be a giraffe print, at least that is what it looks like to me, whatever it may be it goes good with the leopard print and that is why it was used. 

Okay my last giftbag for awhile will be posting tomorrow and then it's on to the mini albums!

Is anyone getting tired of my crafty posts yet? I am beginning to think I might be crafted out soon.


  1. Great gift bag ! I've enjoyed seeing all your variety !! Thanks for sharing !!
    Ann N.

  2. Not get tired of your posts at all! I love this bag. It would make a great girlfriend gift bag. Keep the posts coming!