Saturday, February 15, 2014

Gift Bag Series - Peacock

Growing up I remember people having bouquets of peacock feathers as decor and I always felt those eyes on the feathers were looking at me. I'm not sure if I was mesmerized or scared shitless. I always wanted to touch them because of their gorgeous iridescent color but was always afraid of what would happen, more of my mom who would have beat my butt than the feathers getting me.

Now that I'm grown I won't have peacock feathers as decor but I do like to decorate cards and bags with peacocks. This paper was in that same K & Co. pad and I loved how it looked but wasn't sure what to use to go with it until I figured just an image of a peacock might be nice. I added some blue tulle with the brown for these bags and I think it turned out nice.

The peacock got a little lost in all the patterns of the paper so I went back and cut a white outline to go around it and I think it worked well in making the image stand out a little more. I used my white gel pen to add some accents to the bird as well and it seemed to really pop then.

Someone on Facebook asked what I do with all these bags I make and I guess I never thought to say what I do with them so I thought I might tell y'all...I use them as prizes at my Christmas party! When I first did this I thought my guests would think they were stupid prizes but turns out they love them!


  1. Gorgeous bag! Love the colors and the stylin' peacock.

  2. This is stunning! Is the Peacock a SVG or is this from a paper? If it is a SVG, can you share, if something else, can you say where you purchased?
    Thanks! Kathy

  3. My Mother is an avid Peacock collector. She has them everywhere, decorating her home inside and out. Every type and size ... she has them in plastic, metal, wood, acrylic, crystal, marble, etched in mirrors and in paintings on her walls, and yes, she even has the feathers in arrangements too.. She would so LOVE this beautiful peacock bag (especially if it contained a special peacock gift inside). I really like the great details on the peacock ... you are right, the white outline makes it stand out beautifully against the busy background - but it's the detailed doodle work you've done with the white pen that really gives it life and character. Another awesome job Shirley!

  4. I love love LOVE that peacock Shirley!! What cart is it from??