Saturday, February 22, 2014

A New Machine I Want!

It seems there are a plethora of cutting machines on the market and new improved models come out every few years, this year being no exception. Of course I think everyone has heard about the Cricut Explore, and to be honest if it does everything it is promised to do *okie smirks thinking about how ProvoCraft aalllwaaayyssss keeps their promises* it will be a fantastic machine. However, with all the bad taste they have left in the mouths of many consumers it might be a hard sell to get some of their customer base back into the fold. With that said I do want a new machine! But not the Cricut Explore...

I recently got an email from Pazzles and they are coming out with the Pazzles Inspiration Vue! One of the features on the new machine is that it has the cut and print feature which has been intriguing me for quite sometime! The new Cricut Explore is promising the same feature...sometime in the near future *okie scratches head and wonders how long near future really is*. Another selling point for me is the sliding out tray extention. My machine sits on the top of my cardstock paper shelving and I sometimes have to hold the mat so it doesn't bend down so the tray would be awesome for me. And the last selling point for me is "new colors", okay a selling point if one of the colors is red *okie closes her eyes, holds her hands together in prayer and says a little prayer "God please let one of the colors be red"*. So you think it is trivial to pray for a red machine? Well I love red! Don't judge....

  • Precision print and cut with new optical eye
  • Slide out tray extension
  • Shorter waiting time for large projects
  • Tray tabs for improved mat feeding
  • Mac compatible software
  • Compatibility with existing Inspiration tools, mats and accessories
  • New colors
  • New lower price

I have found out they will have several methods of payment on the machines, much like they do now, where you can pay part of the cost for the machine and then either make a 1 year or 2 year commitment to the Pazzles Craftroom website and get the machine or you can pay out right for it.

Before I saw this machine I was convinced my next machine would be a Zing but since I know how to work a Pazzles and I have gotten use to the settings I am thinking this will be the right step for me!

There will be one breaking point from me getting this machine, other than money that is...If it doesn't work with Make The Cut then it will be a NO GO!

If anyone wants to get this machine for me I am more than willing to accept the generosity and you can just click that little donate button in the right hand column and donate away! *okie falls out chair laughing*.


  1. The only way I would buy a new machine from ProvoCraft is if everyone else went out of business, and I'm not sure I would even then! I am very happy with my Cameo, but this new Pazzles is really interesting!

  2. I am with you Shirley. I would love to see a red machine! You can never have too much red. I even bought the Cricut Cake machine because it was red. (and because I got it for only $50) Good luck with your new dream machine.