Saturday, July 23, 2011

Adventures from 3

I thought I should continue my Houston story since I have been back home for over a week now and haven't finished it. I think either I am use to the heat of Oklahoma again or maybe having the new vehicle with AC is helping or maybe....oh well, what ever the reason I am gonna try to finish my adventure.

On Saturday we had a trip to Archivers planned. I had never been so I was excited. It was a nice store and they had a lot of stuff. I told Carmen I was not really too impressed and that I think it is because I do so much shopping online I had already seen most of the items they carried *okie wonders if the internet takes some of the excitement out of life sometimes*.

I did buy one item at Archivers, this great Pagemaps book! You guys know how I love their website and swear by it. Well the book is totally awesome and you also get this deck of cards that are in the back of the book for you to punch out and the box to put together to store them in.

Pam, aka TheBugBytes, actually had the deck of cards and showed us at lunch at Olive Garden. Since Lori had the foresight to print off coupons for all of us I was able to get 30% off the cost of the book. So now I can say I did get something at Archivers!! I think Lori and Laurie thought about getting it but when Laurie scanned it with her handy dandy smart phone she found that she could save a dollar and some change by getting it on, so she opted to wait. I did ask the clerk for my Native American discount, which I did NOT get *okie just so doesn't get it when she doesn't get that discount*, but it did start the personality of Poncho coming out in Laurie. You will hear more about Poncho...believe me.

I also got to meet Mom2SidSquid while at Archivers. She had wanted to meet up at CKC but we missed her somehow and she had gotten a hold of me via pm on the message board. I gave her my number and let her know what our plan was going to be. It was great to meet her and her son. He is undoubtedly a fantastic scrapper since he had a great eye for embellishments! Sadly I did not get a picture of Demita.

I was able to snap this picture of Laurie and Carmen hiding behind the Basic Grey collections. Ya know for scrapbookers we sure suck at taking pictures of our awesome friends and getting our pictures taken with our awesome friends! *okie wonders if maybe she is hanging out with the wrong people in her life*

After we got done shopping we headed back to Carmen's so Lori and Laurie could drop us off. Carmen made the comment "oh we should go to Louisiana to the casino". We already had plans to meet at some place called Willie's Icehouse and I had gotten a hold of my friend Angela to let her know but hadn't heard back from her. Somehow Carmen's comment became reality and and the next thing I knew we were all making plans for a road trip to Louisiana....



  1. Love hearing your adventures in Houston. I love to shop at Archivers myself. It's about 1 1/2 hours from me. It's a little pricey but I do find stuff there that I wouldn't find otherwise. Thanks for sharing your stories….:)

  2. Enjoyed your Houston adventures wish I had been there with you as it sounded liek so much fun and I love Houston.

  3. I guess I will shock you and say I've never been to an Archiver's! Nor have I ever looked it up online... I guess it's cause I shop elsewhere online... Looks like you had fun there and I like that book! I may have to go check it out on Amazon! Can't wait to hear the rest of this story! :o)

  4. Glad you are back to blogging. So many of the blogs are DEAD for the summer. THank heavens CHA has come along and I have some sneak peeks to look at.

  5. It sounds like your trip to Houston was fabulous! I know what you mean about how many of the products at Archivers you can get online, and often at better prices ... what really impressed me is that it's truly a paper crafter's store ... you are not bogged down with artificial flowers, vases, no wood working or painting supplies, no children's crafts, no fabrics and sewing notions, etc. ... it is the scrapper's/card crafter's dream store ... with papers and patterns and colors and ribbons and punches and brads and bling and stamps ... etc.!

    I think I am lucky there are no Archiver's near me ... I'd be in some serious trouble! (*wink*)

    Glad your trip was such fun!