Thursday, December 9, 2010



Last year on the Cricut MB my FORMER dear friend Denise, aka StarlightScrapper thought it would be funny to dress me up for Christmas. She took my profile picture and added a few things to my lovely picture to make me look like I was in the holiday spirit. Well lo and behold Sharon Skippy thought she needed to start a thread of "What I miss most this Christmas on the new mb" and said

"Okie's twinkling avatar with her reindeer ears on LOL!!!"

"C'mon okie...where is itCool?"

Well this lead to some folks diggin up the picture and posting it on the MB. And Scrapalette even had to dig up the song that Denise wrote:

**hum to red nosed reindeer tune**

okie the cricut scrapper
had a very funny way
and if you ever pm'd her
she would always make your day

all of the other scrappers
used to laugh and read her blog
they loved to see her cut files
and stories about her dog

Then one foggy November eve
someone edited her pic
"Okie look at what I made
please laugh and don't get ticked"

then all the mb joined in
and they shouted out with glee
we love your pic all decked with lights
with love, from your bug family!

Now you would think that would be good enough.....but NNNOOOO!! Denise had to get busy and update my new avatar!

Notice I got some nice purple ball earrings.....errr, antler rings as the case may be.

HA HA HA HA *okie says the HA's sarcastically* Yeah yeah yeah, that should be it now, right? NOPE!!!

Scrapalette thought she had to open her big mouth once again and say "Oh, can you now make her pic all green and grinchy? Pretty please!"

And Denise being the okie hater she is did this.......

While I have to admit my figure looks better in the picture than in real life, I have always wanted hips, but I would prefer to be a bit more busty! BUT....I do not appreciate being green! I have worked hard on getting the beautiful bronze colored skin I have! Oh wait.....I think I was born with it come to think of it. But no matter, brown is better than green!

So that is the end of the fun, CORRECT??

HELL NO!! They had to drag my dear beloved Lucy LuLu into the fiasco!!!

*okie sighs deeply* But on the positive side I am definitely going to save money this Christmas because EVERYONE on the Cricut Messagebard is now OFFICIALLY OFF THE OKIE CHRISTMAS CARD LIST!!!


  1. oh no, I missed all this. I haven't been on the board in awhile. Poor Okie!!! :-)

  2. I'm still on the christmas card list :)

  3. this is fantastic, it is what is missing on the new board.....your a good stick Okie


  4. That is so hilarious!! I missed seeing it on the board. I will have to go check it out!

  5. Okie this is a sign of love. Nice to see you in the spirit. We all love you and your blog!!!!

  6. This is absolutely hilarious! LOL! You are such a good sport Okie that it is no wonder you have so many great friends on the MB. Only friends would treat you this way. LOL!

  7. I think you look great!! green suits you...brings out the color of your eyes!!

  8. I missed this on the board as well. We all love you Okie! You are an inspiration!


  9. LOL...this almost makes me wish that I still visited the Cricut Board! ALMOST!

  10. I must still be on the Christmas card list, I missed the whole thing. I went to bed early and didnt see a thing! Please can I be on the christmas card list?!?!? lol

    Love the one with Lucy, and I must agree I love your natural color much better than the green!


  11. Too funny! You're a mean one, Ms. Grinch. ;-)

  12. Am I still on your Christmas list, please, please. I didn't get in on this, I was very respectful to you this year. LOL
    Guess you know we all love you.

  13. It's nice to know you are loved!!!
    And where is Linda in all this? HaHa.
    mhalford6 @aol. com

  14. This is terrific! How loved you are! ;)

  15. Oh Okie where would we be with out all your humor.....................or the humor inflicted on you LOL Love ya Okie Merry Christmas

  16. Oh Dear Me ... I am officially hanging my head in shame as I admit to having participated on the thread too. DANG! And I was so looking forward to my Christmas card!


    Hey ... I do love you ya know ... KISS, KISS, KISS ... all over your green (errr, "brown") tushie!

    Whewwww ... I hope that works! *wink*


  17. Oh I love your spirit Okie! I saw the thread up through the updated avatar...didn't know they had gone on to "Grinch" you. But hey, look at it this way, people make fun of those that they secretly admire!!

  18. I am LMAO!! I used to get teased by my 4 older brothers a lot and when I complained to my Mother, she told me that people only tease the one they love the most. Since I also had an older and a younger sister, I felt special as they rarely teased my sisters!

  19. At least you know you're loved, right? ;)

    Thanks for posting these - made my day laughing WITH you!


  20. **sigh**
    The thoughtful things I do for you girl and the appreciation I get for it...makes an elf just want to cry.

    Are you are gettin forgetful in your years - the original DEER Okie was 2 years ago not 1, so it was due time indeed. And you are welcome for the DIVA grinch pose, I thought you might like that.

    As for Lucy, you can't say much about the happy little pose I put HER in - I remember your pic of her outfit last season, that just was not right on so many levels! Poor pup.

    So that leaves us with one question: Do you want a new song too? ;)

  21. Thanks for being such a good sport. It really did make me smile. I love the sleigh with the doggy! Merry Christmas Okie, you're the best.

  22. OMG! This is hysterical!!! I missed all this on the boards, thanks for sharing it here :)

  23. This is really to funny for words. Love all the pics and the tune.

  24. They only pick on those they love!

  25. Okie... I'm really really really really really sorry... for making everyone smile!!!
    I'm not to blame for the green grinching of your profile, which is very cute btw... I just wanted to see you sparkle again!!!
    Plus the mb was getting a bit boring... they all need to lighten up!!! :-)
    Love you Okie... You inspire me with creativity and happiness every day. xxx

  26. These are just GREAT! I laughed my *** off! LOL!!!

  27. Oh, dear, I totally missed the grinch part of this! Your narrative made me laugh out loud! And I think Lucy is adorable in the last pic. Poor, poor, Okie. It must be terrible to be so well loved! LOL

  28. I think you look rather stylish in green and red. Lucy looks happy to be part of the fun. As for this Christmas list that everyone talks there really anybody that has ever gotten a Chritmas card from you....because I have heard lots wanting to be on your list just never "met" anyone that is....does this list really exist??? By the way, I have the hips and the big boobs, Highly over rated the big boobs...they are heavy and make you have a hunched back....highly over rated I tell ya!


  29. I Must have missed it Okie.... I've been soooo busy lately that I haven't been on the board for a little while... Sorry to hear they are picking on you! Although the pictures are interesting! :o) Also mental note.... Big Boobs are not all that great... I have them and they can be a pain in the A** when it comes to finding clothes to fit properly! Also having hips SUCK! Just an FYI for ya.... :) I will agree that your pretty brown skin tone is your best color and they should never use green.... Don't really like that color anyway! :o)

  30. OMG! How could I have missed this post?! I still have the reindeer picture on my computer too... was going to use it for your christmas card, but found an adorable Rudolph stamp instead.