Sunday, September 21, 2008

Front and Center

Well if ya have read the blog lately you know one of my new haunts is Sheetload of Cards. Today I thought I would give the Front and Center card a try. It is from the May 2008 issue of their Ezine, and you can download the instructions for free. The instructions are for 6 cards but they do have instructions for a single card.

I have been making so many Christmas and Halloween cards lately I thought I should make a few birthday cards. I used the cupcake from the Celebrations cart. I LOVE THAT CUPCAKE!!

Notice the different color mats? Well yeah....I was on the phone and messed up my cuts so had to use two different colors. But I think they still turned out nice.
Here are a few close up photos.

On this one I used the paper from where I punched for the eyelets to decorate the "icing" of the cupcake. I thought it made it look like it had those little hard candies on the icing. Oh and I did ink the paper on this one to add more dimension.....well okay I confess. After I had it done I realized the color blended in with the mat and kinda got lost, that is why I inked it. If ya click on the picture you can see the cupcake "paper" better. I used mulberry paper and glued and folded on the lines that cuts for it. I think it gives it a nice dimension. I used the Numbers cuttlebug folder on the mat. Of course I used my trusty Colorbox Cat Eye Inks.

On this one I used the Distressed Cuttlebug folder, I have to admit it is one of my favorites and don't think it gets enough credit! And do you see Stickles? Of course you do! HA HA HA Yeah I couldn't resist. I think I might have over doodled on this one, but too late now!! I did use some of my precious brads on the cards. I told my friend Scrappinbee that I was gonna start using stuff more and stop thinking "OMG IF I USE IT I WON'T HAVE IT ANYMORE". I mean afterall we buy the stuff to use it so why do we hoard it? *okie sighs* I know I know I have asked this question many times before and one day I hope to find the answer! the meantime if ya'll find the answer please share it with me!


  1. I love these cards! I may have to "lift" the idea... My birthday card stash is getting low. I like to hoard stuff too. (Paper, Stickles, etc.)

  2. Holy crow!!! I love it!!!! These are sooo great!!

  3. Thanks so much for writing about SheetLoad. I hope you will participate in October's "Show Us Your SheetLoad Contest" later this month.


  4. I went and checked out SheetLoad and it is cool. It took me a while to figure out what was going on because they don't explain it at the beginning of the blog but I think I've got it now. Your cards are adorable and I like the different papers. Sometimes I make cards from my scraps and have to use different papers but it always works out fine.